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    Run through both wings of Flex today and got:

    Back - Drape of the Despairing Pit. (Boo. Have the Legendary. Vendored.)
    Weapons - 2x Greatsword of Pride's Fall (One from the boss and other from coin roll. Flipped my shit when I got the 2nd. Fellow guild Fury Warrior was filled with envy.)
    Neck - Juggernaut's Ignition Keys (A small upgrade, but welcome all the same.

    I used a my 2 other coins on Ordos and Nazgrim. Won gold, but pretty happy all the same with my take this week.

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    Remember me getting only Immerseus' mace via bonus roll in the first week, saying it couldn't get worse for the next week?

    Indeed, I did not get a single item in the 2nd week. (did 10/14 on Normal)
    There was one Warforged ring from the Dark Shamans with Mastery and Hit (I already have 8.8% hit...) which was won by our Plate DPS, but not a single avoidance drop.
    Protector Chest dropped but for the sake of our Resto Shaman's 2p bonus, the Hunter and me passed it on to him.
    I had some expectations from Spoils because of the possible Shield, Boots and..forgot the third one... But nothing.

    Worldbosses: nothing.
    My mage alt gets t16 gloves from the Celestials without bonus roll, and the belt from Ordos with bonus roll. Cool heh?
    My hunter alt at least received the PvP ring from the Celestials - did not kill Ordos.
    My paladin alt shared the fate of my Warrior.

    Oh at least I've got the Flex boots from Immerseus with my Warrior. I was like "Wow!! An item!!!Incredible!!".

    I will post here again with the results from the third (= current) week. I really hope it gets better.

    We are as God intended. Fallible, yet capable of great things.

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    Snagged my DPS tier legs from the Celestials earlier tonight, and got Chestplate of Congealed Corrosion from boss #1.
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    Rolled a coin to Garrosh on monday and got the axe. Also coined tier hands too. So I'm happy for now.

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    Nothing so far.

    3 more Runestones! Hopefully I can finish them this week and grab my cloak!

    I'd be glad to get any upgrades, but I want (need really) weapons and trinkets more than anything else. I'm the only melee DPS we have that still has ToT weapons (and mine aren't even heroic; 522/516).

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    Got the ring off protectors.

    Sha dropped his sword but I passed it to the Ret and DK(DK won it). Better for the raid overall since I need two 2H and can still use 1H along the way.

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    We killed 4/14 Heroic last night and got the following:

    -Heroic 2H of Pride on Coin (it also gave me the pet on my coin..)

    and thats it so far. We should be able to kill Galakras/Iron Jugg/Shamans tonight (all progression bosses) and maybe have time for nazgrim

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    Yeah I can already update after day 1!

    Celestials: t16 prot legs without bonus roll
    Ordos: 2x gold...
    Sha of Pride: won the tier chest for my prot 2pc. I rolled 89 and our DPS Warrior a legendary 5. Our hunter passed because he's got Flex chest.

    Nazgrim dropped Protector gloves. After receiving the chest and thus my 2pc, I didn't roll.
    (yeah we're a social guild towards tier bonuses)

    Downed 10 bosses yesterday and again there was not a single tank drop - no mastery no avoidance no shield, nothing :-D

    Bonus roll status: 1/9 awarded loot...(Immerseus' mace from week 1)

    ^ how about everyone posting his bonus roll statistics like this? :P
    We are as God intended. Fallible, yet capable of great things.

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    This week (one raid evening - 4 bosses on normal, 4 on flex, also killed Ordos and Celestials) - got warforged shield from Sha. And that's all - no loot from bonus rolls (trying to get my 2 pcs bonus and decent weapon).

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    Yay got the 2H off Nazgrim, albeit it's the Flex version, but it's a start!

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    I rolled the CD trinket off heroic Galakras. Happy.

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    5 items sofar, everything worse then timeless items (flex)

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    Finally got my cloak!

    Nothing from Celestials though. Bracers off Ordos.

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    On Wednesday:
    Greatsword of Pride's Fall from Sha of Pride
    Another sword from Sha of Pride with bonus roll
    Tier chest
    Galakras trinket

    So far the best raid for me in SoO

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    After 2 weeks of raiding, (missed out 1 reset due to reallife)
    - Tier Legs (Celestials)
    - Tier Gloves (Nazgrim)
    - Vial of Living Corruption
    - Ring of the Iron Tomb
    - Encapsulated Essence of Immerseus
    - Blackfuse Blasting Cord
    - Hellscreams Doomblade
    - Rage-Blind Greathelm (flex)
    - Necklace of Ordos (warforged / tanking neck)

    And then to say we are tanking with 2 protection warriors at this moment we shared some loots!
    I am one happy tank so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by godded View Post
    First week:
    Tier legs, Ashen Wall Girdle (warforged)

    2nd week:
    Tier head, Crit/Mast bracers, Thok's tail tip.
    Passed the 2h from Sha (damn our ret palas DPS exploded)

    Kinda passing a lot of stuff due to 2 Dps Wars, 2 DPS DKs and 2 Ret Palas. Also passed tier gloves, shoulders (don't want them anyway) and Chest.

    Still got Garrosh to go, gief Heirloom or Xal'atoh!
    Warforged Xal'atoh dropped! Nothing since though. Too many god damn plate wearers

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    How the heck some of u manage to get 2+ loot a week? o.O

    in entire tot raiding max loot a week i got is 3 (one boot off Tortos + xbow and shoulder off durumu), was happiest day of my raiding life, i wish i could get some loots like you guys get. /sigh

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    Fury Loot:
    Helmet of the Prehistoric Marauder (Tier)
    Malkorok's Tained Dog Tags
    Breastplate of Shamanic Mirrors (Shamans HC)
    Wall-Borer Bracers (HC Warforged)
    Greatsword of Pride's fall (HC)
    Gar'tok, Strenght of the Faithful (HC)
    Bloodclaw Band (HC)
    Sorrowpath Signet
    Greaves of Subline Superiority (HC)
    Legplates of the Prehistoric Marauder (Tier)
    Poisonbinder Girth (HC)
    Gauntlets of the Prehistoric Marauder (Tier)

    And a bunch of tank items in 3 weeks and some offpiece items xD

    Do I smell hate aroma?!?

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    Got Warforged legs from Malkorok.

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    Double Warforged Axes from Garrosh last week. I lurve them and they whisper to me.

    Edit: And charmed H CDR trinket, made me miss out on the H WF one that dropped, but still worth it!

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