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    Managed to score Gauntlets of the Prehistoric Marauder on the August Celestials

    Later, I got a Sorrowpath Signet and a Greatsword of Pride's Fall off of Siege of Orgrimmar Flex Raid.

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    Killed 8 bosses on LFR, 8 on Flex + 3 coins. Got the cleave trinket on flex, nothing else. PvP bracers (haste/mastery) from celestials.

    Pretty meh, still using a raid finder 502 weapon, spent almost all my coins on weapon drop bosses and no luck.
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    Mwahahaha got kinda lucky today:

    Greatsword of Pride's Fall (NHC)
    T16 Head Token
    T16 Leg Token
    Could have had Thok's trinket, but gave it to our DPS DK

    ...and a fuckton of awesome rankings <3 (I know they don't mean a thing but hey, still makes me happy)

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    Gloves last week off of a celestial, legs this week. I now have my two set for tier 16. Also gotten a handful of normal items in SoO so far, as well. Been a great start for me. =]

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    My resto druid got 4 items out of flex mode this week.

    Boots, Bracers, healing trinket and helm. All were normal boss drops. Used 3 coins but got nothing from those.

    Last week I coined a belt from Galrakas that the boss had just dropped for me (the only drop I got last week)... Was trying to get the staff. Didn't risk it this week.
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