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    Got to about wave 4 endless so far, gear is far from optimised and only spend about 30mins or so trying so far.

    Still need to finish it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hexualabuse View Post
    That is not true, i did gold(dps) on my main the same day it came out. Without regemming at all. Ofc i did it with 300int food and flask/pots.
    Gold =/= Endless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzen View Post
    Gold =/= Endless.
    Ahh, my bad then.. Then yes, maximized gear/gems is a must for ele.

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    For frost mage, it isnt that hard, but its not easy either. I've been playing my mage for about 3 years, and i got gold in second try from what i remember, and it took me about 2-3 hrs to get endless 30. I just gave up after i got it, but i found it quite hard, since i didnt have alchemist trinket, no special items or special gems. True, for other dps classes is hard and close to impossible, so, my advice: Boost a mage or warlock, get a bit of gear, learn the class a bit, then do it on him. Title is on all chars

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    gold dps is pretty easy not sure what the problem is? I've done it as a warlock, warrior and a ret now. Actually I didn't think it was a good measure of skill at all considering how easy it was

    I found tank to be much more difficult on the last couple of waves, but I still got it despite the fact that I never tank and was just using ret gear with a oh/shield and some stam pvp trinkets.

    endless is much harder than anything in gold but I only tried a little bit.
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