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    After quitting WoW due to real-life prioritization's, I've asked my self a lot of questions regarding warriors and our limits and possibilities.
    It made me think about the "strict" arsenal we as warriors have;

    Numero Unos: Staffs (Arms+Fury)/ Daggers (Fury+Boots? lolwat pls read)/ Fist weapons (Fury)

    Warriors haven't actually ever had great use of staffs. "It's not a warrior thing", the general thought has become. Ever since 2004, only dumb warriors have actually used staffs as a weapon. As a warrior, your weapon must be made of steel, it has to be sharp, shiny and look scary.
    It's not that staffs hasn't been made with strength (e.g. Nat Pagle's from ZG), there has just always been better options, especially combined with racial expertise and likely.

    However, seeing yet another expansion is on the way, it (once again) opens the opportunity of bringing this into the game.
    But for the last 4 expansions, staffs with strength-damage stats has been ignored. I feel it's a waste of a great opportunity to develop warriors who I personally think has been stuck in a too locked role for too long time.

    It may raise the question whether axes or poleams should be designed for mages and warlocks etc. etc. , but I have to be honest that I feel staffs are way more useful to a warrior than a polearm would be to a mage. It might sound like a double standard, and me not being able to look past the warrior PoV and therefor favoring my mainclass, but I'm sure alot would agree with me on this one.

    Basically I feel the same way towards daggers, however must admit staffs are a bit more "warrior'y".
    Often, however, I thought about having a talent for warriors requiring a dagger, having it equipped as a gem-alike feature in your boots. You know, like our role model Aragorn (). It would of course require all other classes to have something similar, which is where the idea falls to the ground in practice. Or maybe not, you judge that for yourself.

    Fist weapons has been tried out a few times, but with no great success. I cannot remember a good warrior fist weapon after the release of WoTLK. However I seem to remember them being pretty useful during TBC, at least Rage and Fury from Zul'Aman. Sad how it just disappeared.

    A quick kudos to blizzard for trying out polearms again for strength-users by designing Britomart's Jagged Pike, too bad it isn't too great for warriors though. But hey, this is a start and a glimpse of what I am getting at.

    Numero Dos: Combining singleminded and titans grip (Fury)

    Once titans grip was implemented during Sunwell, dual-wielding 1handers slowly died out as the warglaives became of lesser value. Seeing this as an issue, blizzard has been buffing and min/maxing singleminded fury to balance out the opportunities - I like this. It's great you have the opportunity to dual-wield 1handers just like you did in vanilla. But to top the meters, titans grip has for the most patches been the way to go.

    One thing you never really had the chance to experiment with was combining a 1hander and a 2hander and deal decent damage. The individual buffing of the two choices has greatly increased the segregation between the two, and erased the middle-way completely. When I was a kiddo fooling around on the very same warrior I used to play up until this very patch, I often had issues getting two good weapons of same type / size (x2 1hander / x2 2handers). And usually, I had one of each. So I had to use what I had, and I've always loved playing with that. It sucked, but it felt good in some way.

    Class designers has in my humble opinion a crazed balance-gene that takes away a lot of the creativity for the players. BiS lists are made, specs are shared, some glyphs are vital and some useless, and to be an end-tier raider theres usually not many things to choose between. The new talent system was a good idea to renew the locked feeling of bringing 1 spec for more than 10 bosses, and kudos for that blizzy. But in the end, some talents will always stand out, and I think balancing this would be impossible. But I just don't feel that way when it comes to weapons.

    Numero Conclusion:

    I feel this should be discussed and looked into, and try testing out the unlimited combinations that could be fun to get to use. Even in the end-tier(s).
    I know BiS lists cannot be dealt with, simply because they are required for the very best segment of raiders to perform at max utilization. But the limitation that the end game dps warrior has to deal with has been going on for too long imo, and changing weapon-options could perhaps alter this is a good way.

    So what say you? (insert aragorn face)
    Could you imagine wearing a staff as your mainhand, and a 1hand axe as offhand?

    Debate constructively just like you always do, instead of just shooting the idea down (pls :>:>:>:>) !

    Dearest regards,
    Lukas / Spunkephar

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    <The Abusement Park>

    PS sorry I couldn't post links, haven't never really been posting much. Marked items with their respective color though, /top kek.
    PPS I would like to refer to the thread "Does fury need an overhaul?" by Huoyue, 01-13-14. This thread points out quite a few of the points I want to get to, and maybe this is an answer to his very post. In some way. However I'd like if this post was meant for the debate of warriors weapons, not warriors as a class.
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    Interesting idea. I really do think it'd be neat to be able to fight with, say, a spear and sword.

    Would be a tough thing to balance though, especially for stuff like AOE where TG/2H weapons have a huge advantage over 1H/SMF.

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