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    Norushen trouble.

    For whatever reason our guild is wiping on Norushen a lot.

    WoL is dead and I'm into the first orb so I don't see what's going on for the first 20 seconds but a lot of people die then.

    What order should we send people in (ex: how many dps/healers/tank)

    Outside of the fact that one of our tanks was having trouble in his realm and the deaths early on it feels like it's going fine but we lose a lot of people early.

    Any suggestions on order/what could be going wrong? I assume it's soaking after add death too.

    Sorry for the vagueness.

    Edit: 25 man.
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    10m, 25m? also, if people are getting killed in the first 20 seconds, something is seriously wrong with your group. almost no damage goes out that isn't tank damage until people start coming out of their "test realms." there isn't even a cutter in the first 20 seconds

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    Always try to send in people that have 100, meaning they soak the add once before they go in.

    Start with 1 DPS 1 tank, then move on to 1 dps 1 healer, never send 2 dpsers downstairds as you usually get too many adds.

    Make sure only 1 person soaks the add, goodluck!

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    Did it with DPS/Tank DPS/Tank DPS/Healer etc. May have sent 2 DPS at the end. Shadow orb needs picked up asap, healers should have the buff towards the end I'd guess. Damage seemed to ramp up a decent amount with that constant AoE. We burned lust and CDs at around 25%~ to death.
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    10 man last night my group went with sending one tank and one dps at first, then the 2nd tank and a dps, then only dps except when tanks needed to go. Enrage timer is off on DBM last I checked, and its an instant wipe at 7 minutes, so we just skipped sending healers in completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telefonorm View Post
    Start with 1 DPS 1 tank, then move on to 1 dps 1 healer, never send 2 dpsers downstairds as you usually get too many adds.

    I don't agree. If you're short in dps, sending two dps togethr early in the fight is a rather good idea.

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    So I've killed Norushen with our guild, we are pretty bad, but did it this order:
    1 DPS 1 HEAL
    1 DPS
    1 HEAL
    1 DPS
    1 HEAL
    1 DPS
    1 TANK
    1 DPS
    1 TANK

    After that we just damaged a boss, popped our Bloodlust and finished him.
    Never send two DPS in a row, because damage gets too high with that much adds.
    After like 50% make the ones with 0 corruption get the sphere that is being left from the add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senen View Post
    I don't agree. If you're short in dps, sending two dps togethr early in the fight is a rather good idea.
    As long as the adds are stunned and interrupted, or your tank will be in no risk if some casts get if it would be fine.
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    25man sorry.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Any 25man guild willing to share what order they used for orbs?

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    ^ For orbs, we made 4 group - melee DPS groups, range DPS group, healer group and tank group (only 2 tanks). Melee DPS group kill the big add inside first, while Range DPS group kill little adds first (so both DPS groups won't be sending two big adds out at the same time). Keep going in until 40%, then just stay out of orb realm and kill the boss.

    How did your raid members die within first 20s (did anyone running that death-cause report addon)? There shouldn't be anything special going out. Maybe a big add spawn that wasn't picked up fast enough?
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    Hit the wall on him tonight in normal mode. I think it's our gear check. After an hour of wiping we went into Flex and downed him right as enrage hit. We all died from the quarantine falling but the dots luckily finished him. I guess our DPS is too low for normal right now, or we aren't sending the right personnel in.

    Raid Lead sent:

    #1 Highest Dps - OT (Me)

    #2 Dps - #1 Heals

    #3 Dps - #2 Heals

    #4 Dps - MT (RL)

    #5 Dps - #3 Heals

    & then used discretion with whoever was capping.

    Hopefully we can get some more drops next week and smooth it out some more.

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    We sent 4 different groups.

    First group was 1 tank, 2 heal, 2 dps
    Second was 3 dps, 2 heal
    Third was 1 tank, 3 dps, 1 heal
    Fourth was 3 dps, 1 heal

    You have to be a little flexible and there are a number of ways to do it. We found that sending more than 3 dps down at the same time ended up spawning too many big adds at once to handle for the healers. We found that it was best to send down 1 group per minute to spread it out a bit. Tanks have to go down a bit differently from the others, so it's not always an easy, clean, group rotation. Essentially you want to make sure that a good portion of your dps is cleansed by the 40-50% mark, from that point on blow bloodlust/heroism and stay out of the test realms. Our biggest issue was cleansed melee not paying attention to positioning and accidentally soaking a void zone, thus gaining back corruption and reducing their overall damage. If you're on a US realm and wanted to chat about it, feel free to add me to bnet JinxDagor#1357

    Don't feel too bad though, WoWProgress has started updating boss kills and there is a noticable gap between 2/14 guilds and 3/14 guilds. At this point in their updating, 94% of guilds with a SoO kill recorded have Fallen Protectors down, while only 70% of the same sample have Norushen down. Small sample sizes so far, and not all guilds with kills have been recorded (mine hasn't yet), so it's not 100% accurate, but it's certainly a step up in difficulty from the first two (we one shot both of them without having done much more than watch the Icy-Veins preview videos).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woobels View Post
    25man sorry.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Any 25man guild willing to share what order they used for orbs?
    I will share with you a strat I came up with for my raid team and maybe it will work for yours.

    First of all decide how you will soak the orbs from the manifestations.

    We used 3 tanks / 5 healers / 17dps setup.

    1 Tank on boss, 1 tank always tanking manifestations and 1 tank in the test realm losing corruption.
    They would rotate through, the tank that comes up from Test realm gets on adds (with 0 corruption to soak), adds tank to boss and boss tank to test realm.

    Between the tank on the boss and the add tank the manifestations should always be picked up and be out of the raid (knockbacks work on them as well)
    Tanks always soaked the orbs from manifestations which should die well away from group.

    Alternatively If you want to use 2 tanks, you can have healers soak the orbs as well, or people further down in the buddy chain (see below)

    As for rotation we found that getting 12 DPS purified worked perfectly for timing of the 50% mark and meeting enrage, your mileage may vary and you can definitely push more into the realm to get purified it just makes the fight more hectic.

    We setup 2 buddy strings of people with the melee at the front so when they came out they could tunnel the boss.

    String 1
    MDPS1--> MDPS3 --> MDPS5 --> RDPS1 --> RPDS2 --> RDPS3

    String 2
    MDPS2 --> MDPS4 --> MDPS 6 --> RDPS 4 --> RDPS5 --> RDPS6

    You get the idea.

    At the start of the fight we sent down immediately 1 tank, 2 healers (DPS heals in our case Disc's) and MDPS1

    ~10 seconds later MDPS2 enters the test realm

    DPS are always instructed to kill the big add first and immediately when getting inside
    People in the buddy chain focus the person ahead of them once that person goes into the test realm and comes up, thats the trigger for the next person to go in.

    For example: MDPS1 goes in at the start and when he comes out of the test realm thats when MDPS3 goes down.

    This method allowed us to get a solid stream of big adds coming every 10-15 seconds or so, which was helpful for the tanks picking them up.
    At the 50% mark all purified dps need to burn the boss and the ~5 corrupted ranged DPS need to handled each of the adds that come out every 10%.

    Make sure it is clear that Add damage goes into the boss and sub 50% anyone who isnt purified and isnt dps adds immediately are hurting the raid.

    Hero/Lust at 30% or below and group up for heals.

    Hope this helps, the organization of this fight is harder if you don't overgear it. My raids just moved to 25s from 10s so we half the raid at 540 ilvl and half the raid at ~ 515. We barely beat enrage and had many low % wipes until players got accustomed to the fight.
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    We sent in our highest DPS in order until all DPS were through to maximize the raids DPS output with the 25% damage buff. Killed it with 35 seconds or so before enrage. The healing and damage going out isn't that bad until closer to the end.

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