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    Quote Originally Posted by Cipero View Post
    oh and I was really hoping garrosh would just be killed...big disappointment that he somehow lives. could you imagine if Tirion just decided that Arthas should stand trial instead of just destroying him?
    Tirion just destroyed Frostmourne... the spirits trapped in it are what killed Arthas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFetch View Post
    Varian is a badass, and people that don't like how Jaina is acting, it's called character progression. Think about everything she has been through. Would you still be about peace and harmony? I'm surprised they let Garrosh live, but Blizzard must have plans for him in the future.
    She killed her father and possibly forsook his kingdom in the name of peace... she loses a town because of garrosh and now she's all let's kill all hordes...

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    omg i can't believe availed got it, i used to be on anvilmar, i NEVER expected this 0.o

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    Eat that your orc supremacists. Thank god blizzard stuck it to you

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    The cinematic was pretty cool, though I feel like they're setting up Jaina to be the next Garrosh

    6.4 Siege of Dalaran?!
    "Too late, and to their sorrow, do those who misplace their trust in gods learn their fate" - Judge Bergan

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    How close is the closest Horde guild?

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    So, is this the alliance only one? As well, any idea where in game you can see the cinematic same with the dw and lich king one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    chaud replaced the video with a clean copy from the game.

    Was talking about the first one that had the people talking. Looked fine

    Still wish Varians son died would of been a better scene seeing Thrall and Varian fight over Garroshes fate having the Pandas step in stopping them briefly with a Panda trick and scooping him off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaHomieG View Post
    Honestly disappointed. An Orc should've been Warchief. Besides that, who will be the Orc faction leader?
    Looks like it's Thrall, judging by the fact he was clearly taking the Horde's side, and stood by them at the end when Varian was threatening this new new Horde.

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    Oh well. Personally I would've preferred Rexxar to be the warchief but I still like Vol'jin.

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    As I predicted , the head of the rebels, Voljin!

    Now someone can explain me why the King doesn't kill horde heads taking advantage of the moment?
    Why they do a war without get anything!?
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    Knew it all along.

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    Worse thing about it for me was (and has been) that Metzen just HAS to keep voicing two major lore characters, and the only difference is Thrall's voice being more gruff.

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    Really happy for availed and anvilmar. Still on anvilmar too...yay... anvilmar doesn't blow.

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    I knew it, Garrosh isnt dead(yet). So Thrall is the orc leader? Why does he want to take a hammer to Garrosh's head? I know he is pissed at the betrayal at Garrosh's hand but it usually Thrall that wants to make peace with everybody, although so does Jaina and we see how Garrosh has changed her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sesto View Post
    How close is the closest Horde guild?
    Pretty decent amount are 13/14 right now.

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    So who's orc Racial leader? Also Garrosh lived.....
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post
    Eat that your orc supremacists. Thank god blizzard stuck it to you
    you show em.

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    Expected, obvious, and highly disappointing. One would think they'd use the end of an expansion to set something dramatic in motion, but I guess they can't jump over their own shadow after all and spice up things a little. Why revitalize an aging game anyway? It's not like people are jumping ship left and right or anything.

    Very weak move, Blizzard. You had the chance to be in the spotlight again with something awe-inspiring, instead all we get is one-dimensional character stereotypes and platitudes. The coming of a new Warchief is an epic, climactic moment - one of the most important events in recent WoW history. And now it will forever be remembered as a bland disappointment and completely generic story development.

    There would have been so many possibilities! Anything from Blood Elf supremacy to a Forsaken grab for power... but now? To end... like THIS?

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    Hell yeah! Best choice if you ask me!

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    Oh would you people stop whining? I think this is a great cinematic and who didn't expect vol'jin in the first place? Seriously I knew it all along since 5.3 he was leading his men. But I'm still waiting to see the horde cinematic.

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