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    He was getting ready to flee on the Exodar with some of my tea.

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    mekkatour (sp?) is in the cutscene. watch it again but he is there. its funny seeing moria there also
    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by zanzan28 View Post
    I think Greymane appears in the room after the cinematic. If not then still- Gilneas is mentioned heavily in Varian's text. Sad though about Velen.
    Greymane is probably preparing for what Varian mentioned.

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    Calm down. The longer you wait, the better it will be. You act like if Velen was there every patch you would be satisfied. Don't expect Blizzard to wear out every character in a single patch. That's how boring stories are created. If there was no mystery, what would keep you wondering? People need to use their damn imagination once in awhile instead of wanting everything handed to them on a silver platter.

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    Velen sucks. The last thing he did that was important was being put up as a pinata by lore devs who don't know their own lore, to hint that Elune isn't really a goddess. Trivially disprovable by all manner of stuff everywhere, of course.

    Was Tyrande doing anything? I at least got to see her in a scenario where we secure stuff from the horde.

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    Kind of upsetting on one side, I'm a strong Draenei focused player. Been alliance since launch, picked them up when they first showed up, etc etc.

    Absolutely lost my shit in happiness when they started having more appearance throughout this expansion through Mishka and FINALLY Draenei vindicators at the Lions Landing. So awesome to see ALL the races represented there.

    From what I have seen, and feel free to correct me if you know better, but Draenei are the only race without a presence in this event, be it the raid or the cinematic?
    And I am really happy for the Worgen that -from the sound of it- we are gunna go get them a city.

    I'm not going to only complain though. I'm glad they are finally starting to include the Draeneic forces and get over this seemingly phobic stance on using them at all, but I am hoping they start to include them as well at some point as a story arc or two. "throw us a bone too!" as it were. I love their concept, and I'd really like to see Blizzard use them better.

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    Whos Valen?

    Never heard of him and why would he be there for a major cinematic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banzubie View Post
    From what I understand, Velen is not much of a fighter and is purely concerned about the legion. It wouldn't surprise me if he finds these things to be "petty squabbles" in comparison to what the legion can and will do.
    I agree with many though that if that's what he thinks, showing up at some point and saying so would be interesting. Or sending a missive. Or if he's annoyed enough a missile.

    Realistically, I feel he's being held offstage for an eventual rather large entrance. At least I hope so. I do think that while this race or that race play major parts in expansions and patches as time rolls along, they ALL (both factions) should be better represented in lore events in game. Sadly, the only reasonable analogy that comes to mind is that Metzen has a tendency at times to treat some of his various races in the same way we treat alts: putting them up on the shelf and ignoring them for very long periods of time. It is a source of unhappiness with the game for me.
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    Who the hell is velan?

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    OP, Way to be racist towards Worgen. Didn't see them ANYWHERE either.

    Mekkatorque appeared in the cutscene for literally a second.

    (PS: I haven't cleared SoO yet, so I don't know if they are present in the actual raid or not, but they weren't in the cutscene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    Whos Valen?
    Quote Originally Posted by nerv234 View Post
    Who the hell is velan?
    Our version of Lor'themar: The Draenei leader.

    Except your Lor'themar actually got some spotlight time this expansion. Hopefully Velen will in the next.
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    He was too busy fighting off squid that is stuck on his face
    Quote Originally Posted by Metzlsepp-Antonidas
    Meanwhile ...

    Nomi opens up a new kitchen in Darnassus.

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    Who cares. Draenei lore is droll and reeks of religious sermons.

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    Velen is very very old - he is also a prophet, and not much versed in combat.

    Sure he has quite a few spells under his belt, but without his guidance it is very possible that draenei society would fall apart - so he must be kept safe at any cost.

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    He's chilling in his spaceship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Binki View Post
    He was too busy fighting off squid that is stuck on his face
    Literally shot mt dew through my nose reading this.

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    I think Velen is in a BIN. He has been stuck in there for a few expansions now. Varian tried to call him to heal anduin but that didnt happen as he was still stuck in the same BIN.

    A shame but meh what can we do?

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    Draenei and worgens don't deserve more lore imo. Boring races that was added just to give the alliance some "coolness".

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