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    Okay and now?(SPOILERS)

    Well hello to you all there!

    So far 5.4 feels great, cinematic was great.

    But now.

    What will happen, lets try to think of options.

    Garrosh will have his trail, which we offc dont know what happenes. He could be killed on the spot, or put away in that prison showing in the Vision of time.

    My guess is that he wil die, but not by trial but by a character who could be related with the next x-pack. Thus showing the upcomming of the new x-pack...

    Vol'jin wil lead the horde(are they trolling us:P Sorry couldnt resist haha), but who will lead the orcs? Perhaps we will see Rexxar showing up and bringing with him the might of the Ogres? I dont know..

    Sylvanas needs to be contained says " http://tinyurl.com/od33fcz " but why? Okay she is ressing dead alliance, but I she didnt to that much damage or did she? Perhaps im missing something.

    So far my thing for the horde..

    And now on with the alliance,

    I think that in 5.5? Varian Wrynn will likely be named High King of the Alliance or something like that

    Than we have Anduin, what will his story be? I have absolutely no idea

    Will we see the return of Turalyon and Alleria to that alliance?

    Will we see new allies to the alliance?

    Well that sums it up for our races/factions.

    But what about Wrathion... he isnt really pleased to hear that Varian didnt unite the horde under the alliance(Thanks I make people mad) like he wanted him to.. but now what? We did give him the heart of an god(lei'shen) to eat. What will he do with that? Perhaps he will get a prominent role in 5.5? Perhaps he is the one killing of Garrosh? Or he will tell us the truth what his plan was all along? Was he telling the truth about an attack from above, or was he made nuts by the same being as dady and are we being attacked from below?

    Well after all, I am for one really really keen on MoP. It was in my opinion a great game. Lots of Lore, great animations. Superb raids, LFR is perhaps to easy but a great way to see content for player like myselve(new dad) that dont have alot of time to raid. World bosses turned out great. Game looks great feels great and is great! Loss of subscribers well eh the game is almost 10 years old, and you can't keep everyone interrested so its not bad, it may turn out to be a great thing since Blizzard will have to put even more efort in an already superb game!

    So (I know Blizzard isnt reading this :P) go one! Make us a super next x-pack and keep up the good work!

    Well people thanks for reading this, and post ur comments and thoughts in the dark below here! :P sorry hehe
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    Going to fix your facts here Wrathion is mad because Varian didn't unite the horde in Ally banner so he fucked up his plans thus fucking everything up now as for the Dark bellow I find that a hoax until I see something in Blizzcon

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    Ow I totally agree, that the dark below has to be considered a hoax until proved real @blizzcon.

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