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    Quote Originally Posted by Huoyue View Post
    Tell me what Garrosh had done to deserve Vol'Jin's ire prior to MoP when things started getting crazy.
    ever read tides of war?

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    Vol'jin is an excellent choice. Him along with Rexxar, Thrall, and Chen were the founders of Orgrimmar and Durotar. They built up his character all the way to the rebellion. Normally people the rise up and lead rebellions against corruption are chosen as leaders. Same can be said if William Wallace didn't die or anything in Braveheart.

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    Can't stand trolls, they are weak and one of them should not be a Warchief, it's utter bullshit.

    It doesn't help that Vol'jin is a completely lame character as well, worse than Thrall.

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    I dont have a new Warchief. Garrosh was never my Warchief, Vol'jin is not my Warchief now.

    My Warchief has always been Thrall, and only Thrall.
    Thrall always was, is, and will be my true Warchief. Garrosh and Vol'jin werent/arent.

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    I always wanted Vol'jin as the warchief, he's the coolest of them all most badass dude. Since WC3 he's been cool. He is the right choice all along.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huoyue View Post
    Tell me what Garrosh had done to deserve Vol'Jin's ire prior to MoP when things started getting crazy.
    Kicked the Trolls and Tauren out of central Orgrimmar, thus indicating he holds Orcs above all. The Horde is meant to be about unity against outside threats, Garrosh showed that he cared little for anyone but the Orcs.

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    I hate it so much that I'm changing factions because of this. This current horde is joke of a faction. Having elves and undead join wasn't bad enough. Now a friggin troll is a leader over orcs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vamonos View Post
    ever read tides of war?
    Vol'jin lost his rag with Garrosh during Cataclysm and threatened to off him. Garrosh then kicked him and his people out of org.

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    I'm oka with Vol Jin

    Apparently it was supposed to be unexpected ? Not impressed by the chocie

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    Quote Originally Posted by vamonos View Post
    ever read tides of war?
    Garrosh attacked people he was openly at war with. *gasp*

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    I can't seem to care, it's just going to be a different NPC standing in a spot for the rest of their NPC life. I'll wait and see how he handles the horde until I judge him.

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    The Darkspear are one of the oldest allies of the Orcs and Vol'jin is essentially Thrall's best friend and was one of his top advisors. Vol'jin had all the other racial leaders of the Horde rally behind him for Siege. He is the obvious, and only true choice to lead the horde.
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    I wonder if there's gonna be even more bitching about Vol'jin being warchief than when Garrosh took the big job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huoyue View Post
    How has he shown himself to be a capable leader? When offered help he took it by insulting and threatening. He's done pretty much nothing leaderlike except dissappear from his people to hang out with a Pandaren during their greatest time of need.
    He had absolutly zero reason to not trust Garrosh from the start. If anything, he's the one who drove him over the edge: Vol'Jin started the backstabbing. Vol'Jin started the spitting. Vol'Jin was told to be an advisor, but he disrespected Thrall's wishes and had a hissy fit while openly plotting against Garrosh, who had done nothing wrong.

    Saurfang would have been interesting. He didn't need character buildup because he had already had lots of prior buildup. He would have made best sense. Lor'themar as well.

    Seriously, before you harp on how great Vol'Jin in, look at the bullcrap he's done and the terrible person he's been as well as the very small list of things he's accomplished. Heck. Thrall said Vol'Jin kept the Horde together and kept their honor. Vol'Jin did neither: in battlefield barrens he only had his own people and the Alliance with maybe some tauren. The other leaders of the Horde joined with no prodding from Vol'Jin. Alliance joined the rebellion not at Vol'Jins insistance but someone elses, and despite this he still spat in Alliances face.

    Oh please. No reason not to trust Garrosh? For one thing, Garrosh's leadership record wasn't perfect: he did a miserable job in Nagrand, because of his issues, and in Northrend his forces nearly started a total war, when that was not even close to the conflict at hand. As soon as he got the position, mind you, as someone inexperienced in that position, he began being almost overly aggressive, something Thrall's horde had not done. And then, of course, you're forgetting that the Goblins and Trolls were relegated to pitiful parts of Orgrimmar prior to his and Vol'jin's "falling out".

    In addition to that, Garrosh's greeting to Vol'jin technically started the hostilities, and Garrosh seemed far less interested in Vol'jin's "advise" than even Vol'jin did. Vol'jin's a shadow hunter. Why wouldn't he be suspicious of Garrosh, in the same way Cairne was, or are you forgetting that? Cairne didn't see Garrosh as fit to lead either. And as for the "hanging with the Pandaren bit, that's a load of shit. Vol'jin was there for healing, and otherwise would have been focused on the Garrosh conflict. You can't seriously say it was him being lazy, or useless. There was a legitimate explanation for that.

    Honestly, if you think Sayrfang has had more development than Vol 'Jim this xpac, I think we're done here.
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    I can't vote, I play on both sides.

    Anyway, I like the new Warchief, he deserves it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    Just because it's legitimate doesn't mean the players have to like it. Trolls are an inferior race, and don't deserve to be over the whole Horde. It'd be like a dwarf or draenei being the main leader of the Alliance. I don't even play Alliance, and that still wouldn't sit well with me.
    That's so racist in the most pathetic way ever, because, you know, it's a fucking game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    I'm Alliance and I would love to have a Dwarf or Draenei leader, for a bit of a change up. It gets rather boring seeing the same Orcs and Humans doing everything and getting most of the air time.
    We had Magni as our kinda sorta de-facto leader for Vanilla and BC.

    Poor old Magni. We took you for granite. And now you are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huoyue View Post
    Garrosh attacked people he was openly at war with. *gasp*
    He did a lot more than that. Excluding Trolls/Tauren from Orgrimmar, threatening Vol'jin, charging at Varian at a peace summit in Dalaran...the list goes on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huoyue View Post
    Garrosh attacked people he was openly at war with. *gasp*
    tryed to assassinate both vol'jin and baine, refused to listen to any advice given to him etc etc

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    Lol-ing at how much racial hatred there is in wow, and how similar it is to the real world.

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