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    A better theory on Garrosh Heroic.

    Last night i made a thread that got bounced out, i just wanted to get my ideas somewhere to build upon. So, let's try this again.

    During heroic Garrosh, when Garrosh is defeated and the cinematic starts, it will go through like normal. EXCEPT, it continues after of where it cuts off in normal. I have no idea what could happen (Garrosh breaks free? takes the remaining power of y'shaarj and completely manifests? destroys stormwind harbor, and the battle continues?) could be anything. That what you guys will discuss here though

    What could happen? I'm not saying it's a WHOLE different cut scene, or a spin off. The first Alliance/Horde ending cinematic's just aren't fully done yet, they don't explain exactly whats going to happen between and after the "trial" if he ever makes it there. Garrosh is a pretty tough figure, i think he doesn't want to be taken alive, and will find a way to continue the fight until death. Even if that's accepting all power of an old god to do it.

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    Maybe he will escape. Some unknown person(s) help him escape, hinting at the next expansion. They could be in Pandaria during the trial, green meteors appear on the sky, everyone is "wow" and Garrosh takes this time to make a run for it. Maybe it's not the trial, but more discussions and maybe now is when Velen and Greymane will appear. I can't wait to see what it is.

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    I doubt anything will be different. It -could- be possible, but given that they've never added a secret heroic encounter to a final raid yet, nor have they changed the end cinematic for the end game raid since WotLK (though, they also never made two different ones, either, and they've only ever had two post-boss cinematics before, so it's not like it's some hallowed tradition they can never break- but anyways-) I doubt this one will be any different.

    Plus, given the leaked little cutscene of Anduin talking to Garrosh in Pandaria, it's doubtful Garrosh tries to make an escape.

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    Maybe he shanghais the boat taking him to Pandaria somewhere out in the ocean, escapes into the Dark Below, thus giving an explanation as to why we MIGHT be going there as the next expansion?

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    I'm pretty sure there won't be any new cinematic after killing Garrosh on HC. Blizzard was always giving us the same cinematic after killing boss on normal and HC. But if they want to surprise us, I think this is the time to do that and I'd like that.

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    And you are about to get the same exact replies.

    The answer is NO.
    There is not some added boss fight after the cinematic.
    That's not how Blizzard works anymore.
    Sure maybe there is a fourth phase, where he does one extra attack or something (BUT THIS IS GOING TO BE AFTER PHASE 3), but it's not going to be some extra special lore thing that only Heroic raiders get to see.

    Will. Not. Happen.

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    5.5 is going to be the trial/whatever else happens.
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    All I can say is, is that I can't wait to find out! This it's going to take a month or so for heroic to be cleared, or at least I'm hoping it doesn't fly by(tho I bet the guilds going for top ranks will probably want it to not take to long). We shall see.

    And what Kuthe said above about the trial/whatever else happens will be for 5.5, this is probably the most realistic thing to happen.
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