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    Heirloom Enchant Suggestions

    Hi there,

    My Levelling warlock is decked out in heirlooms but with the 5.4 patch all enchants scale, does anyone have any suggestions for the choice of enchant for the cloth heirloom items.

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    I always preferred static stat increases over procs when lvling. Obviously you wouldn't want any mastery chants at low lvls as mastery doesn't kick in until lvl 80 I believe. So any of the best static chants for armor, and prob the wrath staff enchants for your heirloom staff. After you lvl past that stage just put the best 5.4 chants on your heirlooms (if money is no object).

    disclaimer: the above is all just speculation... take it as you will.

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    Thanks will take a look through them

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