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    Angry SOO Open TO LFR.

    SoO should be open to LFR and not wait a week.

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    SoO should not be opened to LFR immediately.

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    Gratz on the original post . Im pretty sure Blizzard knew what they were doin when the released flex first. And joining a flex raid shouldnt be that hard, unless you just wanna be carried in an LFR to free loot. And if thats the case you should really just be happy that you even get to see SoO at all

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    Flex is pretty much faceroll, do that instead.
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    Gonna have to agree, and if LFR is gonna be easier I dont see the point in doin the fights at all, just give the ppl who join loot and then kick em =P

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    Do normal and wait for your free loot impatient sod.

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    One sentenced statements do not give grounds to a decent discussion.
    Closing thread.
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