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Hi all fellow MMO C readers, this is just a suggestion, a food for thought, i was reading on the other thread about player housing and such, this idea sparked for me i thought i would like to share this idea with you guys and up for discussion.

Its not a player housing thread, im not if it is also a guild housing thread.

Idea around this Instance Guild Area

An instance area - like The Tillers farm, for the guild , in a Main City , like the new Orgrimmar or Stormwind (assuming next expac , they actually rebuild some of it)

What is in this new Instance Guild Area?

Guild Vendor, Guild NPCs , Guild Achvs , Guild Dailies , Guild Bank

Brief summary of each aspect.

Guild Vendors, function the same as what the NPC does in the main city, it sells you your BOA gears / pets / recipe upon unlocking them.

Guild NPC, function as the guild representative for the various profession in your guild, to be explain further below.

Guild Achvs, all the glorious moment of a Guild Achvs will be "shown in this mini area"
For example a broken Frostmourne laying beside a some crates, the chip of helm of Deathwing, some symbolic item , to shown the Guild Achievements.
Take it as a form of decoration, after having a guild achievement. Oh and Guild Banners , lots of it

Guild Dailies, these are given from Guild NPC, for guild rep and bonus perks.
(non game breaking type and not mandatory)

Guild bank is just for convenience

Guild NPCs

Various type of helpful NPC, that the Guildmaster can employ.

Generic Types -

Innkeeper - Acts as an Heartstone point
Food Seller - Discounted rate for food/drinks
Reagent Seller - Discounted rate for reagents
Guild Rewards Vendor - Sells Guild related Achvments rewards.
Guild Banker - Manages Guild Bank

Profession Types-

Each profession have 1 NPC to represent if able to employ

Giving and example their purpose

Blacksmith NPC - Syncs all the Blacksmith profession in your guild.

This NPC, technically can do any Blacksmith recipe as long as the person is in your guild.

So if you need to make a Long Sword, just trade the require materials to him, with a small fee, and presto, Long Sword made.
(not sure if wow has such tech yet, but i think its trivial)

Mining NPC, trade your ores to him, presto! All converted to bars, with a small fee.

Profession NPC, gives a quality of life improvement in between guildmates, with a small fee.
(these exclude the daily cooldown item of each prof)

Guild Perks and tied to NPCs with Bonus Perk Daily / Weekly.

To further explain, Guild Dailies / Weeklies

Just to clarify, all the guild bonuses are already in, from 1-25.
All guilds that are lvl 25 already have the same perks as each other.

Each NPC has a tied in perk with it.

For example,

Innkeeper NPC bonus is tied with

Guild lvl 2
Fast Track] (Rank 1)
Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%.

To further improve the perk, there is a daily or weekly given by the NPC.

An example daily quest from InnKeeper.

Gives me xxx random material from random expac.
Rewards - Gives extra 5% exp gain for the day , (resets daily)

An example week-ly quest from InnKeeper.

Gives me xxx random material from random expac.
Rewards - Gives extra 5% exp gain for the week , (resets like raid, once a week)

PVP daily for PVPish guild may be included

(all daily for guild, helps the guild exp/rep too , rewards guild gold.)

So whats the catch?
That is a lvl 25 guild, can only employ a capped number of NPC , for example 5 NPCs.

Each NPC has a unique bonus perk, that function daily.
You can only choose 5 daily, among the many various from the NPCs

The weekly daily can only be done for 1 NPC only for that week.
(means if u did a weekly on Innkeeper, you cant do it for blacksmith)

This idea, promotes the ideal of being a guild in wow, to help each other and various form of mini perks to promote togetherness .

This idea in turn may help Blizzard come out with more exciting guild perks and rewards.

A Hardcore PVE guild , Casual PVE guild , PVP guild most probably will employ different

NPCs to cater their needs.

Its a "housing area" for guild to gather and mingle

Guild Banners , and lots of IT!

Thanks for reading!! Discussion and suggestions welcome

I have another side idea that involves leveling by ,"hand ins" and daily, to the various NPC to unlock different perks, but i believe it might be too grindy

List of Examples of current Guild Daily/Weekly Rewards.

Guild Banker - Daily perk / Weekly Perk
Cash Flow - 5% extra gold
MoBile Banking - reduce CD
Bartering - Reduce prices of Guild NPC by 15%

Guild Innkeeper -
Fast Tack - 5% extra exp
Hasty Hearth - reduce cd / creates an item that bind its the this Innkeeper
Mr.Popularity - Increased rep 5%
Mass Rez - Mass rez debuff reduced by 10%

Guild Blacksmith / Leatherworker / Tailor
Reinforce - 5% more reduced dura loss
Unlocks - random Rare materials from various expansion ,selling limited items a day

Guild Gatherering NPC
Working Overtime - chance to gain additonal skill level by 10%
Placeholder name - chance to gain x2 material when mine/herb/skin/disenchant

Guild Alchemist
Chug-A-lug - increase elixer/flask duration additional 10%
Unlocks - random Rare materials from various expansion ,selling limited items a day

Guild Chef
Chug-A-Lug- increase food duration additional 10%
Unlocks - random Rare materials from various expansion ,selling limited items a day

Guild Engineer
Placeholder name - sells a repair bot and random rare materials from various expansion, selling limited items a day

Guild Enchanter
Placeholder name - sells random enchantment scroll and also random rare material from various expansion, selling limited items a day

Guild Vendor
Honorable Mention - increase honor point gain by 5%
Placeholder name - every 10 enemy player kills add additional 1
Mount up speed - increase mount speed by additional 5% , decrease mounting speed by 15%
Ride like the wind - Increase flight path by additional 15%, reduce gold cost by 15%