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    Red face A nearly ancient discovery in my quest log made me happy yesterday.

    I just got my Hand of A'dal Title.

    Hell yes. Still got the quest in my log on my classic priest Kimsy (look her up on EU-Khaz'goroth if you like). But I decided not to check if the Quest ID was the old one (since they exchanged the rewarding quest with a new Quest, and obviously a new ID).
    I was VERY depressed when the title didn't pop up upon completion. Later on I figured that I was missing the whole Akama questline ... lols.

    Such a good feeling to get rewarded for something I didn't complete 5 years ago.
    Thank god I totally forgot about the Quest in my log. I heard from people who cancelled their quest ...

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hooray for forgotten alts (^^_)

    I still have that quest from Oondasta still chilling in my log.
    The blank developers quests

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    Oh my.. Now I want to check my alts on my not active account

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    Daaaang, I had the Tabard of The Protector quest on my Paladin in Wrath, But I never acted on it.
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    Reminds me of when I got that Spirit of the Competition pet on my warrior back in BC and never looked at that character again. That is, until late last year when I logged back on and noticed I had forgotten to actually click and learn the pet. Needless to say, I got a ton of whispers wondering how I got it suddenly. Some good, many negative with many insults thrown my way. LOL. Good times. I logged on just now to check other things and I'm still on the attunement quest that was taken out of the game for Kara. I don't think I can complete it. lol!
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    This reminds me, does anyone have the attunement quest for BT still that gives Hand of Adal? If so, I wonder if it's still shareable. I was on the last part when that patch hit and dropped it since you couldn't get the title anymore only to find out a few days later if you had the old quest it'd let you still get it =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucetia View Post
    This reminds me, does anyone have the attunement quest for BT still that gives Hand of Adal? If so, I wonder if it's still shareable.
    OMG this is an awesome idea. Please someone say it works, and if it does, please share with me! PST!

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    Its not shareable. Still got it on one of my paladins and I cant share it.

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    Wow. I went back through some of my toons and found one with this quest, too. Just got my Hand title. Thanks for reminding me!!

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    I still have the quest to go speak to Jaina in Theramore after that leg of the Defias quest.

    The port still works XD

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    I have a quest to deliver 3 old WSG marks on an alt ^^ From Vanilla
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