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    Oh man, I got mad just reading that. If you were going to get yourself charged over him, you should have just given him a solid beating.

    And yes, you should have told the police when he stole from you.

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    I would have thought up a better revenge.
    8 year olds Dude.

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    How the hell could you ever live with that OP? I would have gone insane - How could you live with someone stealing from you?!
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    You will be fine as long as he does not press charges =3

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    Haha, I think it would be nice to tell his friends what a pussy that douchebag is. Pranking you constantly but as soon as you do something, he rats you out? How low is that... I would laugh so hard at his face, I'd need a chiro to get my face straight again. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Or... talk to them a lot earlier, when you're the victim, before you become the accused.
    Stealing roomate denies it, no proof, no charges, OP probably leaves house in embarrassment well before he's ready. Last part is a stretch but he strikes me as afraid of confrontation. I mean, confessing to a cop over painting a guitar? It's not something they're going to call the CSI for - You say no, there's no proof: case closed.

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    Don't lose hope!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aelayah View Post
    And why the hell didn't you call the cops on his ass for stealing before doing something stupid like spray painting his guitar ?
    yeah - that's what i was wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babzu View Post
    So I lived in a college apartment with a few roommates, one of them constantly stole from me, and sold my stuff. I would always tell the apartment managers but they would never move him out or help me, he was always rude to me and any guest I would have.

    So on the day I moved out, I spray painted his guitar. This lead to him filling out a police report and I eventually admitted to the act. While being questioned during the investigation. They sent me home and said "We will contact the victim and ask if he wishes to press charges"

    I later talked to the victim and offered to pay for the guitar if he chose not to press charges, he signed something saying he can not legally re-open the case. And on some sort of writing that has yet to be made clear to me, I am going to pay him $800.

    My question is....did I just ruin my life? Will I ever be able to get an IT job? Will I have a record even though he is not pressing charges? Should I just give up schooling? I am in a very mentally un-safe place atm and im scared for my future, any advice or information would be helpful. Thank you.
    Reconciliation of the parties removes criminal liability.
    That being said, you will not be held responsible for the crime of property destruction, as you've payed off the damage before the court ruled the final verdict.
    It's also not going to be considered criminal antecedent, since reconciliation is a means of removing criminal liability.

    TL;DR : you are safe. No need to worry about anything, but your own stupidity.

    ps: If I were in this situation, I'd have contested the charges in court, invoking mitigating circumstances of the
    complainant previous misdemeanors. Worst case scenario, I would have been given an administrative liability of either
    -a warning
    -administrative fine, but of a lower quantum.
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    Why did you stoop to his level? And why, if you thought he was stealing from you, didn't you contact police about it?

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    You'll be fine, but in future use the proper avenues to deal with theft, not just petty crimes.

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    Reporting a crime isn't tattling. If you don't like him stealing then cause a big fucking problem over it so that they want him out instead of getting some petty revenge. Confrontation or reporting this to the police likely would've avoided this absurd situation.
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