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    A few weeks. Depending on luck with drops.

    On topic: if you don't play, you fall behind. If you whine, you get trolled and abused and belittled and patronized. Welcome to the interwebs.
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    Cloak feels great, and the proc is very rogue-ish. Stabbity-stab-stab!

    It only sucks when it procs on a pack of mobs the tank just grouped up, you always get aggro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosturn View Post
    >Argues he should have equal gear to people who put in more effort
    >Recieves counterargument
    >Changes subject

    Yeah I think its kind of dumb. You are pretty much useless compared to everyone else. Really stinks for people trying to catch up. I can't imagine any guild taking an app that far behind on the cloak =/. Where as before you could be a fresh toon and a couple of carries and your good to go.

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    This has nothing to do with being a rogue in any shape, form or fashion, and there are plenty of discussions on this topic in the Raids and Dungeons forum. Closing this.

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