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    New glyph recipe guide?

    Is there any guide around that tells you all the new techniques that drop and where they should be farmed? Have a lot of requests in guild for farming them but don't know where to start looking.

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    The recipes seem to be random drops just like meta gems were for jewelcrafters. The glyph recipes even drop for non inscriptionists. Regarding inscription specifically, I had 3 recipes drop yesterday in ToT LFR wing 4, which isn't even that trash heavy.

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    Most are world drops (can drop anywhere in Pandaria, as well as in MoP instances/raids), some are Timeless Isle drops only. For the latter most only drop from specific creatures, and at least one is bought from a vendor (Snizzig (sp?) sells it along the edges of the Celestial court, there are two crossed swords on your minimap if he's nearby).

    So far I've only gotten a few to drop, and I've killed plenty of stuff on the Isle. Since I got a drop on a non-scribe, I just do my farming on my main (Alch/Eng).

    Acki's recipy list is a great AddOn for this. Do a scan after logging in on your scribe and it will tell you if a mob drops a certain glyph when you mouseover it.

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    Yeah, Ackis recipe list is what I use too. Theres about 30 odd glyphs that are world drops, then the ones on the timeless isle of which there is about 10 I think? The tigers drop one, the mist guys in the spirit cave drop one, southsea plunderers on the pirate ship drop one, and the Ordon Oathguards and Ordon Candle guys drop a few. Might be some others, just grab Ackis

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    Are the world drop ones bop? I've seen that the timeless isle ones are not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    Are the world drop ones bop? I've seen that the timeless isle ones are not.
    Here's a list of all the new glyphs, the world drop ones (source marked looted) are BoP, only those that drop from a named mob on the Isle are not BoP.

    edit: The exception being the trinket since it's only lootable by Scribes, similar to the new plans for other professions.
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