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    Farming for chopper mats, still bhe best way to make quick gold?

    In pure terms of just farming, for me and my server this STILL seems to be the best way to spend 1.5 hrs. Minimum 5k profit and ive made as much as 8k profit. Just seems kinda crazy to me after two expansions its still the quickest gold maker. It makes farming any current mats irrelevant. I know there are better ways to make money but once in a rare while i actually enjoy doing a bit of mining (mind you, i havent done this since last xpac lol) it can be fairly relaxing.

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    Depends on the server. Chopper on a high populated server sells for very little more then the mats used to craft it (sometimes even less), this is because when people are transfering to a realm, they are capped by 50,000 gold. So they bring high value items across and sell them to get their gold back. Sandstone drake, chopper etc are some of the mounts which are in low demand as there is so many of them on the AH.

    I can't speak for low/mid pop servers, and soon we'll also have the sky golem.

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    I can make 10k a hour using the AH and that not includes farming chopper mats

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    that's a lot of profit, on my servers you can see choppers on AH for 13k
    there's a 5% fee, bringing the sale to 12.35k
    minus 11.25k of non-reducible mat cost (discounted)
    total 1.1k for 12 titansteel bars, 2 arctic furs and 40 copper bolts...everything left (if you're not yet in loss after the titansteel bars) is profit

    the fun fact is i'm on a very low-pop server

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    I buy Chopper Mats from AH and get a few Hundred or slightly more than a thousand Gold per Chopper but it is maybe four Minutes time spent on each. So that is ~~13000Gold in 1,5 Hours ^^

    I wouldn't say it's the best Gold maker though.

    But interesting thought: what is the actual best way to make Gold? Saw people with 11 Millions current Gold and became sort of curious.
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