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    Unholy DK PvP - Rotation issue\question


    Just a quick question regarding Unholy DK arena play and an issue I have encountered with rune management. (first season as dk)

    ***this may seem really dumb but I've watched plenty of vids and read many posts and not really found a solid solution***

    Simply put, what's the most effective way to incorporate Chains into the rotation whilst not sacrificing too much dps? I find I have alot of downtime if i'm having to constantly use chains if swapping to a healer or dps that's just purely kiting me. Preventing me from festering and giving the healer way too much space with little necrotics and not as many death runes as i could be getting.

    I almost feel like sacrificing asphyxiate to pick up chillblains just so I dont have to use chains as often (I wouldnt do that, i know how important asphyxiate is thats just how i feel)

    Am i missing something? Am I not properly utilizing activating death runes from another source so I dont have to fester as much? Just need a little advice my bad if i look like a total twat

    Also I understand team comp has alot to do with it seeing as other classes could be applying a snare, but lets just assume i'm on the only dps on the target, for the sakes of my question

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    Frankly I tried Asphix but never enjoyed it as UH due to less time on target.

    The main issue is that while a 6 sec stun was nice when it is up it does DR with the ghoul's. it is also rare for UH to kull people ina stun being a pressure spec not a burst one. (and it should be noted that facing some classes a silence is really preferable to a stun)

    I went chiliblains against the Asphyx crowd, being able to snare through PS and Root with chains is a godsend (imo it needs to be baseline)

    But to each their own.

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