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    Will DKs be nerfed now?

    So I am coming back to WoW to raid fairly hardcore for the next few months. I see DKs are very very strong right now, will there be nerfs?

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    They're pretty good I guess. Enough to get nerfed? I dont think so, but yea, they're pretty good.

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    I hight doubt a nerf will come out way. We are strong but that's just cus of the good buffs we got coming out of Throne. In BiS end tier we will prob be about mid pack (just on a guesstimation)

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    More likely to get nerfed due to pvp rather than pve

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    PvE wise we seem fine. Even mastery-reforged, as unholy, with a 530ilvl weapon I seem to be pretty high on the meters... Keep in mind I've only seen 5 encounters so far :-P

    That said I don't feel quite as Op as I did last tier - feather's just not as good, RC isn't artificially inflating my DPS and HCRage hardly ever seems to proc.

    Hoping I can grab a 2set bonus, galakras trinket and an actual tier16 2H at some point (even if that ends up being flex *shudder*) so I can get a better feel for my reforging. Honestly though we don't seem nerf-worthy IMO.

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    Wednesday on the 3 bosses i was in for (first 3) i would have guaranteed a nerf was coming our way.
    Yesterday i was in for kor'kron and Nazgrim and the difference was smaller, our WW monk got
    a weapon and our fire mage put his big boy pants on and everything was closer, still a good chunk behind,
    but closer. I assume things will get closer as everyone gears up, but by then illl have 2/4 set and trinkets
    and will be back to crushing meters probably... Time will tell.

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    Having raided with a rogue and seen him do 20%+ of his damage from the legendary cloak proc, I think I would rather see rogues nerfed before blizz turn their attention to dk's. As unholy I was still struggling to keep up with demo locks and spriests on AoE fights.

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    i sure hope not, we were pretty lower half of the table last patch...
    Any ranged was better and we were average melee...

    Thing is, Blizz said they were giving some extra dps to melee to compensate the penalizing mechanics!
    Ask any 10 man group! in TOT if you want to progress, bring no melee!

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    In SoO if you want progress, bring arms wars >_<
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    It forces you to double tap. that's it. It's a great change.
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    It's just so you can say you tapped something twice that day.

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    So far i'm not impressed with the melee vs ranged effectiveness in SoO. I found myself out of range/unable to do much for a few fights which I find very frustrating when to be competitive on dps melee need 100% uptime on a target, even if it isn't the main one.

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