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    Question about the BoA weapons from Garrosh

    Rumor is going around the first time you kill him you're guaranteed a BoA? But no one in our guild got one. Anyone have a source of them saying how we're supposed to get them?

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    I thought they said the first one you got was guaranteed for your spec and the ones after that could be any kind of weapon, not that the actual drop was guaranteed.

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    Here we go. http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1345
    Siege of Orgrimmar

    Siege of Orgrimmar has a little bit of branching in paths and ideally raids in the future will have more, allowing you to skip a boss or do bosses in a slightly different order.
    The first three or four bosses shouldn't be too hard for most raiding guilds, allowing them to have bosses they can use to gear up with as they progress.
    The heirloom weapons that drop from Garrosh are personal loot in Flex, Normal, and Heroic difficulty.
    The first heirloom weapon that drops for you will be for your current loot spec, but after that you will get one at random.

    The heirloom weapons are also intended to make Mists of Pandaria a little more alt friendly.

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    When we killed him last night, 1 out of 25 people got an heirloom weapon, so it would seem it's just a chance to drop them, probably equal to the chance of getting loot in LFR.

    It was appropriate to his main spec, though (int staff for a mage).

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