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    Garrosh transitions

    Consumed courage, consumed faith, consumed hope. We did a few attempts tonight and were getting raped during the transitions, we came to realize we most likely never got these buffs to reduce the dmg, we were having to use all raid cds to get through them and then having none available in other phases. How do we get these buffs, is there something you have to click?

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    Not sure what you are talking about, you need to line up raid CDs during transitions. You don't really get to use them outside unless you have extras. (Speaking from 25man perspective, not sure if that's 100% true in 10s).

    Just wait until he resets on you during a transition... We had him at 19% and he completely reset while we were killing the 2 large adds in one of them.

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    Each mob or add will either drop some kind of orb or void zone to stand in which will give you the buffs.

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    If you look at this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzA7B...tailpage#t=410 You can just see a bright yellow light spawn where the sha used to be. This was our 4th pull I think and we hadn't quite figured out exactly how it worked. On the previous attempt it had spawned just where I was running down so we thought it would go there.

    Anyhow: You need to run into these lights to receive the buff, think they spawn from multiple adds in the other temples. Not entirely sure as we only got 1-2 per attempt (and only about 4 attempts was needed) and even when we didn't get the debuff on half the raid we could usually still outheal it.

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    Certain adds will have a buff on them and when they die, a yellow bubble will spawn near the corpse. You just have to move into the bubble to receive the buff, but you have to get into them as a stacked group or else only the first person will get it. On 10m, should really save cds for the whirling corruptions especially if you had a desecrate right before it. You really only need cds for the transitions if more than half the group messed up on getting buffs. It also depends on number of healers you bring, but this fight seems like a good 2 healed fight except it might get messy when you get both healers mced

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