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    HC Scenarios

    Hello Guys

    So i have yet to complete a HC scenario, I’ve never really found it interesting hence why i haven’t done it.

    However, after some research I’ve found out that the gear you get from completing Gold mode is pretty damn sweet for my warrior and shaman.

    Therefore, im wondering if anyone here would like to group up tonight and do some/all scenarios for gold mode, im 500+ item lvl on both my characters.

    Lots of raiding experience in TBC and MoP and I would say im an rather good player.

    If anyone would like to go send me an PM with real id. I play on Outland EU!
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    Looking for groups is not allowed.

    Also you are getting confused with challenge modes and hc scenarios.

    HC scenarios potentially award ilvl 516 gear, whereas gold medal on challenge modes award cosmetic gear.

    I suggest looking for a group on your server for either mode.
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