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    [Resto] State of the Tree Question

    Hey guys! I tookk a few months break from wow, and I'm curious what the current state of resto druids relative to other healers is after the patch. I know historically druids have always shined the most when new content first comes out. Then as people gear up more, absorbs start to overtake our hots. But have the changes since the last patch put druids in a pretty good place? Thanks!

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    We seem to be doing very well right now. They made changes to stuff like the mushrooms and Rejuvenation which add up to better ongoing heals and better burst capability. I was already loving healing as a druid, but now I'm loving it more and am doing a larger share of heals each run.

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    We were in the upper middle of the range in 5.3 and then they decided to give us 4 or 5 significant buffs that add up to at least 10% more throughput.

    The legendary cloak makes overhealing more valuable and we're the overhealing class.

    On top of that the encounters themselves seem to be more favourable for our toolkit than ToT.

    Basically we've been made into gods and probably should be nerfed. However blizzards new philosophy seems to be to balance stuff gradually (think disc priests at the beginning and how small the nerfs they've been getting are) so we could be getting quite a long time in the sun

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    just went from boomy to healing this tier, and i am loveing it... the changes they made to shrooms is awesome, and with how we now have a use to make our rejuvs tick very fast for the times you need some burt aoe healing its grea. but as you mention the fact that later on in tiers we normally get outshined by shield, we have the new DoC talent... i think its great since for all fights where your ever so friendly disc priest takes all the healing, you can just stand and spam wrath ( and it gives you something to do in LFR, test how much dmg you an do with wrath while still doing 50-60k hps )

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    I'm in a fairly casual heroic raiding 10 man guild (we got to 10/13HM on ToT) and we're honestly considering bringing me back to resto and get our priest to go deeps. I actually healed the first 5 bosses and did amazingly good for having no freaking resto gear/trinkets/tier set bonus. Our shammy was still raping but i was beating our holy pally quite often. And that was without using NV nor Genesis (I had forgot about those changes). Efflo for free and 100% with ability to move charged mushrooms is just such a QoL improvement for resto druids. Heck we even got atonement for those two and a half healing fights with tight enrage.

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