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    Starting to get over the initial shock myself. I think the biggest issue I have right now is the troll's almost naked. I can't take him seriously looking like that. He was pretty cool-looking in his hunter gear before getting this model for 5.1, I hope he changes his wardrobe. If not sooner then at least when the new race models arrive.
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    The one moment that crystallized it for me was when they showed Vol'jin and Varian face to face, then Vol'jin began to stand up and Varian started looking like a puffed-up child. You forget how truly tall male trolls actually are.

    I think Vol'jin is the perfect choice. Smart, sneaky, savage. I've always roleplayed my female trolls having crushes on him.

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    Many years ago...Six? Eight? I can't remember...If someone told me that in future Horde would have for warchief a guy that dances capoeira and emotes like 'yo mon' I would laugh hard. Now I just facepalm. That troll is great and all but....warchief? Come on now!

    That story had the potential of a plot and a cinematic greater than secrets of Ulduar and fall of the Lich King combined. I am not going to whine for lore but ....disappointment all the way.

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    8) Trassk may finally reroll Alliance and partner with Salandrin.

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