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    Blood DPS

    I raid in a 10 man guild and play a a Blood DK. My tanking partner is a Prot Warrior. In ToT he almost never beat me on DPS. I usually blew him out of the water and ranked high quite often on DPS. This tier he has gone full Crit build (gems, stats, enchants) and is now either just slightly below me or slightly on top of me on the meters. It's about 50/50. Right now I'm still doing the Mastery build but have Rune of the Fallen Crusader. I am usually never close to getting trucked by a boss or near death (Garrosh at some points is an exception). I know a Tanks job is to tank and live but I'm also very competitive and like to pull good DPS while doing that. Is it viable to gem and enchant more towards DPS like he does? Will I see as drastic as a spike in DPS like he has on his Warrior? Also we are 14/14N so I'm not sure how hard Heroic bosses are hitting yet. Will know next week.

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    Don't think you can afford to go for dps stats just yet.
    And your warrior probably shouldn't be gemming for crit either and prefer dodge/parry instead.
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