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    Blood DK Threat issues

    So the title kinda says it all. I have recently rerolled to blood DK, i am practically capped on hit and exp.
    And i notice even when i'm giving it all, some dps still gets more threat then me, untill i taunt.
    Even when i taunt off from another tank (had this with monk and warr) they still have more threat then me.
    Am i the only one?

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    There are a lot of factors that go into your question:
    • ilvl vs others ilvls (the dps and other tanks)
    • your vengeance vs the other tanks vengeance
    • gearing strategy and spec

    If you could provide answers to the first 2 bullets and then provide your armory information I would be happy to look it over and see if I can provide some quick tips.

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    You are not allowed to post any kinds of links, images or videos until you post a few times. great

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    If you can post your character's name and region-realm, we can at least access your armory. Does your guild log? Are logs private or public, and are they easily found or are they posted under some obscure name? We can just find the logs ourselves without a link given your new forum status.

    Also I know there was an issue with Blood presence and the increased health not activating, I can't remember if our Blood DK said his threat increase wasn't activating as well. In the end he had to switch presences and then reactivate Blood for his HP to take effect, but this would effect your vengeance as well.

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    well look at that gear

    dont worry with more gear you wont have any problemes :P

    just get a real weapon :P

    you could go for the dps weapon enchant depending on what you are doing

    with that gear some dps with raid gear will just shoot up in the agro dont worry its normal :>

    if they have blue gear or the same like you well then you should not have any probleme

    just to be sure: you are using runestrike? )

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    i know i just started this toon for raiding, didn't raid for a long time, wanne get back into it. and yes i'm using runestrike. but still at a boss fight, like last time, i had trouble taunting off a pala tank, he just had more aggro then me even when i taunted oO never had these kind of probs when i tanked back in cata with my druid and that was hc so.. don't get it

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