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    ToT 4 set VS SoO 2 set?

    As rejuv does the majority of our healing the ToT 4 set is rather good but the T16 2 set is kinda throwing me abit. Apart from the pure stat upgrades what's the new 2 set like? I mean i rarely use Healing touch unless i know heavy damage spikes are coming and i'll try to precast it on tanks or whatever. But having a free and instant large heal sounds great. And lastly whats the proc chance like, obviously depending on the amount of rejuv's you have up the quicker its going to proc.

    Anyone been playing around with this and can give me a answer? Cheers.

    Ps. i did try a forum search / google but i couldn't find anything that answered my questions.

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    The proc is pretty reliable so long as at least one Rejuv is running. I'll ask the Druid in my guild who got 2 set week one how he likes it versus T15. He switched to T16 gear since he was using 2 normal T15 pieces while I'm keeping my T15 heroic 2/2 4 set until we get to heroic SoO stuff.

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    I would like also some clarification in the ToT-4 set VS Soo 2-set

    Considering the replacements would be:

    -Heroic ToT legs with normal SoO legs
    -Normal SoO ChestPiece

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    I assume we're talking about the heroic 4 set? Stat difference comes in to play @ some point. I seriously think its not worth switching untill heroic set pieces tier 16.

    edit: I should read better.

    More on subject its hard to quantify the 4 set but I think in heroic progression you dont nearly overheal as much with rejuv as in ToT where you basically outgeared everything grossly.
    Ive no realiable info on the 2 set tier 16 but it seems highly situational to me in its efficiency and actual healing throughput bonus. Besides that is it me or is the tier 16 4 set extremely shit? 10K instant extra on Wildgrowth? Or is that before gear scaling? With the new effloresence the tier 15 2 set is quite powerful.
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    Having heroic T15 currently, I will not switch to T16 until I have multiple heroic T16 pieces. 4pT15 is just too good and the stat difference to normal T16 is not that much.

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    Yeah I'm on about heroic T15, I'm currently using the shoulders legs and gloves hc and chest normal. But as you guys have said the T15 set bonuses are just too powerful in comparison to T16 so the only real issue is the stat increase. I was planning on waiting until T16 heroic set to upgrade from T15 but just want a second opinion.

    About the wild growth 4set T16 I would assume that's before scaling so could be quite a nice set bonus in aoe damage and paired with incarnation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blayzee View Post
    But as you guys have said the T15 set bonuses are just too powerful in comparison to T16 so the only real issue is the stat increase.
    Note that T16 has advantages beyond the item level, so you have to look at the final gemmed stats if you want to compare it to T15. The stat allocation is better (more mastery), there are more sockets, the socket colors are better (less blue, as I recall) and the socket bonuses are better (int instead of under-budgeted spirit).
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