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    Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia for rdruid

    Hello gentleman

    I have received this trinket and replaced with it my 2/2 Relic of Chi Ji. However, I have very strong feeling that this trinket sucks. Looking into my skada (I run normals TOT recently just for fun) its doing on every boss 3-4% of my healing done. On example of Iron Qon - I did a little more than 50M healing done with 120k hps :

    Ysera's Gift - 2.14M - 4.3%
    Multistrike (my trinket) - 2.07M - 4.1%
    Spirit of Chi Ji (cloak proc) - 1.92M - 3.8%

    I have Warforged 2/2 version - http://www.wowhead.com/item=105300

    When it commes to proc - it gives me 13.4k intelect for 10 seconds roughly every 70 seconds. That sounds awesome, its like 50% of my total int it it makes like 1900 flat int. But if I will get proc when I dont need it (tranq, sotf+WG) its not used to its full.

    I am seriously considering switching back to my 2/2 darkmoon card - http://www.wowhead.com/item=79330
    Or getting Timeless Coin trinket - http://www.wowhead.com/item=103988

    If you ask me if I need more regen - I could use a bit more and I would need more for HC progression, I am almost sure.


    which of following would you preffer ?

    2/2 Relic of Chi Ji
    2/2WF Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia
    2/2 Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault
    0/2 Contemplation of Chi-Ji (would need CPs which I dont have atm)

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    If you think you don't need the spirit why not use the Insignia. If you think that you do need more spirit use the relic.

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    I really don't think you can justify going back to a t14 trinket, regardless of how good it was, simply because of the fact that it works on ICD instead of RPPM. If you felt you really needed the regen, I mean I guess so, but I just really can't see a reason you couldn't get your regen out of gems instead and use the trinket.

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    If you think you need the extra spirit, get the coin trinket. If not, grab some random intellect+whatever trinket. Either way, the Darkmoon card suffers from a case of low item level.

    You might be undervaluing the insignia, though. The int proc is pretty useless (too unreliable), but 4% healing is quite nice. Unlike a lot of other trinkets that do direct healing, the insignia also "scales" throughout the fight; the more intense the healing is at the moment, the more healing it pumps out. Compare that to something like the Lightning-Imbued Chalice, which just spreads healing at random throughout the fight regardless of whether it's really needed. The insignia is much more likely to do something when you actually need it.
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    I have that trinket aswell warforged, it does around 4-6% healing for me too. This trinket only does healing on the same target as u casted on and only 33% of it. 4% is decent enough for a trinket to be worth it.

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    I also got this trinket and find it very lackluster. I don't like int procs, and the multistrike did something like 3-4% of my effective healing.

    But I'll be running two regen trinkets for progression anyway.

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    Some guys calculated that coin trinket (2/2) is around 26k of mana gained over 3 minutes, while the ol' good ToT rep one,m at 2/2, is 32k.

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    Yeah I just received this trinket myself and I haven't noticed the INT proc yet. Does anyone know what the name of the INT proc is labeled as? I tested the trinket for 10 minutes and not a single INT proc happened.

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    You do realize 3-5% is about how much a trinket (or even a set bonus) is expected to give. So it sounds like its pretty spot on if you are getting 4-6% from it.

    That being said, I would prefer the amplification or cleave or even the spirit trinket (if i felt i needed the regen). But if you are getting 4% or more from multistrike, that is NOT bad performance from a trinket in general.

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    The buff is called "Mark of Salvation"

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    The buff uptime is horrible. I suppose it's supposed to be ~20% to normalize the int with the static int trinkets but that is just... bad for a healing trinket. It will be slightly over or under 20% depending on fight length.

    The actual healing it does is probably worth equipping it if you have no other options. I replaced my 2/2 shado-pan with it last night and honestly think I'll be using the old valor trinket as much if not more during progression (depending on how much I need mana). They need to rework the int proc to be less int, more often. I really hate int procs as a healer and will probably end up going with the Siegecrafter trinket + Horridon's overall. I really can't see ever replacing Horridon's (even though mine is a normal).

    In general the healing trinkets are bad. The amplification trinket has its uses, more for some classes than others, but outside of that and Siegecrafter (and that mainly due to ilvl) Blizzard has just completely missed the mark this tier and most of the expansion.

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