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    the VANILLA debate (again)

    I have been reading forums about which is the best expansion, why did blizzard ruin the game, why doesnt blizzard make a vanilla server, etc, etc. I rarely post, but I can remain silent no longer. If I see one more forum where someone posts about how great Vanilla and BC were, only to get bombarded by how bad they sucked... my eyes are gonna puke! The truth is VANILLA and BC were the best Exp's. ANYONE who played them and was not a scrub, retard, or in general an idiot, or that wasn't a casual player, will tell you that. Better by FAR!

    Only Blizzard employees post that crap about each exp being better than the last, etc, etc. YES, Blizzard employees... last year blizzard/activision grossed 14.8 Billion dollars. BILLION! You dont think they spend a couple hundred thousand to protect their interests??? I'm sure a lot of the posts are real too. They are the people who never played vanilla/bc or saw the game but never did any endgame or they were hated because they sucked and couldn't change their names yet etc. There is a reason why thousands and thousands of people play on shitty private servers with constant dc's and no real game assistance to speak of just to play vanilla/BC.

    I know blizz and their goons will dump all over this Post and the d-bags who can't think for themselves will jump on the bandwagon but this is not for them. It's for the real gamers who played vanilla with a ton of mods so they could see enemy cast bars, and mob health, etc. Its for the guys and girls who spent 2 hours running an instance cause you had to mark and cc every pull because if you zergef like now days you F'N DIE! To those who ran uld over and over to train enchanting, or killed a million mobs to level axe's. Those millions of people read this and know wtf i speak of. No achievements or a ton of titles and other retard content. Just hardcore grinding, skill, and gear to those who worked to deserve it. There was plenty to do for the casual loner, but the game was made to create a community. It was designed so that people had to work together. It created an atmosphere where even the toolbags had to be somewhat cool or they would be outcast and nobody would help them... i.e. making the people you played with a better bunch of people (in general).

    I've played 8 years. I've been in ranked guilds in every exp and I've been in crap guilds every exp. I've cleared endgame content, while it was fresh and I've wiped for hours with noobs in 5 mans. Vanilla and BC were the best. Only the uneducated, the paid, or the stupid would disagree.

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    This is not even remotely constructive and would lead to nothing but flaming. Posting that anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot, scrub, retard, "blizz goon", or "d-bag" is absolutely not acceptable.


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