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    i got the mount on the first kill, 2-3 kills later it dropped again, luckily my friend was in my group and i traded it to him, i think it has a high percentage idk.

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    First kill of week has high chance, fist kill of the day has higher chance than rest of the kills during that day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raugnaut View Post
    Blizz seems to have implemented new tech allowing for mobs to have differing loot tables atm. While this is unconfirmed, signs point to quest flags for all timeless rares dropping more loot first kill of the day. Akin to how first scenario/whatever of the day gives more rewards first time.
    I'd assume the tech is the same/similar/an adaptation to that used to prevent bosses dropping multiple items.

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    60 kills.

    RNG hates me.

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    Took myself 2 kills to get the mount on my Paladin, though I didn't think it was as low as wowhead had said being that someone got it at least on every kill.

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    I got it on my Alli DK. Helps having 22 90's to farm for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paska View Post
    Took me ~15 kills to get the mount
    The guy with 41 registered failed attempts at Al'ar (me, with a bunch of not registered, too) got Huolon's mount at the fifth try.

    Might have been a bug that allowed people who tried earlier to get a higher drop rate, and then the nerf bat of the hotfix, corrected it.

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    I havent been keeping track of my kills, but im at the very least 40+

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    I got this earlier today after, I don't know, 10 kills? Hell if I know. It didn't take very long, that's all I know. Hopefully everyone who is after it gets it soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sett View Post
    35 confirmed kills and not a mount in sight.
    you only have one chance a day to get the mount

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    I got the mount on my 3rd kill.... on the PTR >_<

    Up to 10 now on live
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novx View Post
    1 mount...
    Am I doing it right?
    Go fuck yourself ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Csnyder View Post
    you only have one chance a day to get the mount
    I do not believe this. On my third kill today I got the mount (yaaaaay).

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    Anyone else curious about the "214k attack power helm" the op is talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverrendy View Post
    Anyone else curious about the "214k attack power helm" the op is talking about?
    Probably CLoudstrike family helm, which gives you a extra action button that deals 214k AoE damage and knocks all targets back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Csnyder View Post
    you only have one chance a day to get the mount
    Not true.

    It would seem, however, that you have a severely REDUCED chance to obtain the mount after the first kill each day. But it's certainly possible.
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    Everybody I've seen with the mount (including myself) has received it on a subsequent kill to their first of the day.

    I'm of the opinion that the hidden daily quest only counts for timeless coins and not rare loot.

    I killed Huolon maybe 15 times throughout the first two days with no luck, on the third day I killed him 5 times and got my mount. 3 times on my server, 2 times crz phased into another server.

    I'd estimate the mount drop rate to be much higher than 1%. It is incredibly common and the fact that it is part of an achievement (collect every rare item on timeless isle) leads me to believe that it wouldnt be a 1% drop rate, more likely to be 5%+

    As for the rare spawn items, I've found 3 out of the 4. I even found one just being ignored right next to the Celestial Arena (on Frostmourne-US no less). Sadly, I've yet to collect the helm and finish the 3rd to last achievement left for timeless isle.

    I just with Golganarr had a higher spawn rate. Havent seen him yet and he's the only rare left that I need.
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    About the mount:
    I also got the mount on my first kill. I believe this mount definitely has higher than 1% drop rate. I believe Huolon's mount will have a similar drop chance to one of the direhorns from the Zandalari Warbringer, seeing as how this is not a boss or world boss that drops it- it is simply a rare spawn.

    Also about the 'rare' items:
    Needed for achievement "Timeless Legends" -
    In the comments you will find many coordinates to where you can find these items. You can place markers on your map to where these are located; an easy way to copy them all is to use Tomtom and Paste addons which will let you copy them all into the game without having to make numerous macros. In addition- these items can be used to reveal Spelurk, a rare spawn that spawns in the southeastern cave in Red Stone Run, which drops the Cursed talisman for Going to need a Bigger Bag achievement.
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    Got mine on my very first houlon kill. As for the helm I have spent days looking for that damn thing and always get the shoulders or the trident

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