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    Goodbye Throne - Lei Shen Heroic 25 First Person

    So awhile back during Cataclysm, on a bet from a guildie, I did Ragnaros Heroic in first person for our guilds very last kill before we moved on to Dragon Soul. I had main switched away from Rogue for all of mists and hadn't given the idea of doing another one much thought, but my rogue's time to shine came again with the start of Siege and so by virtue I decided to do sort of a double tribute. For my guilds very last kill of Heroic Lei Shen 25, without any coercing or bets this time, I decided to do the fight in first person. I only had one chance at it and one take and hadn't done the fight on my rogue before this, so, it's admittedly not very good play, BUT, it's a goofy way to send out the last boss of what I personally thought was one of the best tiers we've had.

    I just hope this video isn't an accurate representation of what my poor rogue is going to be looking at for Siege. ANYWAY. Enjoy and have fun being mostly incapable of seeing jack diddly.

    I play video games, darling.

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    ye I remeber that Ragnaros kill, and Mione's first person/no UI after it XD cool thing gz :P
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    In tbc everyone wished they were playing vanilla. In cataclysm everyone will wish they were playing wotlk.
    ^------True story!!

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    Watching that video all I can think to say is "hooooo sheeet" congrats for almost surviving though, could be a fun thing to try myself at some point in the future.

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