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    proving grounds guide

    I will tell u all u need to know about proving grounds.

    Proving grounds is a mix of brawlers guilds and challenge modes. You get put into a solo scenario where ur gear is scaled down to 463 and you need to overcome mobs in a different set of waves. I'll be covering only the DPS section as I havent tried the healer/tonk yet.

    1. Monsters

    Slayers: They do nothing, just attack and kill them. They are merely a obstacle.
    Oracles: They heal a lot. Make sure to kill them first and interupt them. I recommend getting tidyplates and mouseover macros for your interupts so its easier to keep track of their casts if you're fighting other mobs.
    Monkeys: They run quickly and throw bananas at you. They have a ring around them which you need to stay inside of or you will miss a lot of your attacks.
    Defenders: They have a 4 sec cast which spawns a deflecting barrier in front of them. You want to get behind them or interupt the cast with a stun.
    Amber shapers: These mobs are very important and I like to save them for last before finishing them off. They cast a ball of amber that stuns you if you get hit, the stun is 5 seconds. However, you are supposed to kite them into other mobs to stun them and they will take 50% more dmg for 5 sec.
    Sha: Sha's are stationary big mobs with tons of HP. They have a shield on them reducing damage taken by 50%, but after a short time they will be vunerable and you need to pop cds to take them down. Sha's often appear on end of a medal run (wave 10 out of 10 for example)
    Virmen: These ones spawn in a massive pack. They are like the slayers, they do nothing. Just aoe them down.
    Banshees: I saved the most important for last. The banshee. When it spawn, it will blow up after 8 seconds. If you do not react fast and switch to this, you will die.

    2. Strategys

    You want to kill monkeys and oracles first. They are very annoying to be kept up with the exception if the banshee. Banshees are 100% top prio and must die. Defender and amber shapers can be left for last as they are easily countered by movement only.

    Some macros you wanna use is mouseover macros. As a warlock I'm using mouseover optical blast and gateway from 9'oclock to 3'oclock looking at the area from where you enter with a portal to the middle so its easier to kite the orbs and intercept monkies.


    I want healers and tanks to write too what they feel is neccesary so we can fill this post in for people who seek help with proving grounds. I will edit it.

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    Good guy Mudor

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    Ye celar lets do some CM's before ur raid I need my realm best achis...

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    Here is my tips from a shadow priest getting gold achievement take and use what you want
    Notes I had glyph of physic scream to keep the monkey in place
    I also used divine star
    Also waves with a banana thrower I made sure to save my devouring plague 3 orbs from the last wave.

    Wave 1: Two small slayers + One amber shaper

    I stood at the end of the line (east side of the room) I dps'ed down the far slayer as the shaper formed the orb it comes right towards you and splashes into the shaper in front of you quickly burst down the close slayer. In the mean time I'm dotting up the shaper by the time a 2nd orb comes out I moved towards the center so it traped the shaper and fished it off .

    Wave 2: one banana thrower + Large amber shaper

    Before the wave started I made sure to stand in the direct center as soon as the monkey spawned, I feared both the shaper and monkey used my 3 orb devouring plague and nuked down the banana thrower. With the amber shaper I would step behind him as he formed the orb and used it to pull it right back into him.

    Wave 3: 1 banana thrower + 1 Small amber shaper + 1 small oracle

    Again I made sure to stand in the center as soon as they spawned I would fear all 3, I quickly dps'ed down the monkey again before the oracle broke out from the fear. Now I moved in position so the orb would drift towards the oracle again it hits perfectly so it gets frozen before he can heal himself I just damage both the shaper and oracle at the same time.

    Wave 4: 1 banana thrower + 1 large oracle
    Note: 1st berserker's rage buff spawns

    Same plan I stood in the middle feared both the thrower and oracle , dpsed the monkey down before the fear breaks. Then just dpsed the oracle making sure to silence the heal he didn't live long enough to get a 2nd cast off. I did not use the berserkers buff. It does remain through waves

    Wave 5: 3 Small guardians + 3 small banshees

    This wave is simple just dps down the guardians until 10 seconds in the 1st banshee spawns quickly switch to it then return to the guardians , During this wave the banshees 2 and 3 will spawn 15 seconds after the last has been killed. Just kill them as they appear , all of the guardians should be killed before banshee 3 appears since the timer when it explodes bumps up to the timer for the wave.

    Wave 6: 4 large Virmin + 3 small virmin + 2 small oracles

    Here I stood between the virmin pack that spawned in the middle and one of the oracles , I tossed my divine star through the pack hitting the far oracle. This would cause the healers to start to heal one of the virmin I ignored this heal and just dpsed the far oracle down. After killing that one I spun around and killed the other oracle then just used aoe skills to kill the virmin.

    Wave 7: 1 banana thrower + 1 small amber shaper + 1 small oracle + 1 small guardian + 2 small banshees + 1 large banshee
    Note: 2nd berserkers rage buff spawns

    This is 2nd hardest wave to defeat, Again with banana throwers I stood in the middle and feared all of the mobs.The oracle starts on one side, the guardian spawns in the middle and the shaper spawns on the far side. I quickly burst down the banana thrower , after killing it I moved towards the oracle about 10 seconds after the fight starts the first small banshee spawned. I would quickly dps it down as well , it the mean time the amber shaper on the has been forming orbs and it would splash into the guardian. When this happened I would off dot the the guardian. 15 seconds after the first banshee dies the large banshee spawns this is the same mechanic as a small banshee but more hp and longer time before it explodes. At this point as the large banshee spawns the oracle should be dead. If you are lucky/skilled the orb from the amber shaper should be just about to you if you swing it up it can splash and freeze the large banshee but you don't it to kill it. Just dps down the last 3 mobs making sure to kill the 3rd banshee as it spawns.
    Again I did not use the bersekers rage buff.

    Wave 8: 2 small amber shaper's + 1 small sha

    This is the simple wave just dps the two shapers down. you can use the orbs on themselves but is not required. I dpsed it lightly before the shield popped at that point I used my trinkets and dpsed it down before the shield could reform. Remember the sha takes 50% less damage when the shield is up and 300% more damage when its down.

    Wave 9: 1 banana thrower + 1 large oracle + 1 small banshees + 1 small sha

    As I did with all the banana throwers I would fear them all and burst down the banana thrower, I moved to the oracle and was able to lightly dps it before the banshee spawns I would swap to it but made sure to silence the oracle to keep it from healing the oracle. I returned back to the oracle and finished it off before the shield popped on the sha. Then popped another small cooldown before the shield returned on the sha.

    Wave 10: 1 large slayer + 2 small banshees + 1 large sha

    Right before the wave spawned I walked over to the 1st berserker buff that I saved. I dpsed down the slayer down, I found it out of place for this wave but i expect is for classes that get bonuses to abilities after killing a enemy. As the slayer dies i move closer to the 2nd berseker buff and damaged the sha as most I could without using any cooldowns. The first banshee spawns about 4 seconds before the sha shield breaks at this point I stepped on the 2nd berseker buff and bust down the banshee. As the shield pops I used everything , 3 orb devouring plague, power infusion, trinket , herblism haste buff , shadowfiend and just nuked the sha. Right as its shield timer is about to come up the 2nd banshee spawns finish off the sha then with your buffs still up you should be able to kill the banshee.

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    Thanks for your input mate. I just did gold on healer and tank and will fill in more stuff tomorrow.

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    Got gold on my mage playing frost. I was deep freezing the monkeys and sheeping oracles, I think that solved most problems. I saved the berserker buff from round 7 for the Sha in round 8, Mirror Images and Icy Veins for the one in 9, and Time Warp for the last one. Could probably have made it easier on myself if I'd used cd's more but seems they're not needed until the end.

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    Has anyone gotten endless 30 on melee yet? I was able to get 30 on my mage without too much effort, but I'm totally walled around 13-16 on my WW Monk, and I consider myself to be a much stronger player on my Monk than on my Mage.

    Even with abusing Monk mobility and Storm/Earth/Fire, I'm finding the travel time needed cuts down on dps too much. With mage I could usually just stand in one spot and non-stop dps, only having to sometimes blink to direct an amber ball.

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    Wave 41-49 up on my channel in an hour or so.

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