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Picked up a tier token (used as a helm since h.thok is a ways off and its perfect itemization for aff) from our second garrosh kill group tonight and did the 2/2 thing. Oddly sims are saying to drop 2xT15 and run w' best itemized though at a 555ilvl I can't get below 11.2K haste with about 16.4K mastery and only 2218 crit. Thus my T15 gloves are gone and my durumu gloves are in. (and praying for celestials to drop hands lol) Sims say the 13737 point is a couple thousand gain for aff and about a thousand and change loss to demo.

However, if you drop imp swarm glyph haste climbs a bit for demo and its about net neutral. So for the popular aff/demo (however you roll main vs off) it seems there is a silver lining to going up in haste once you can't realistically be near the 9778 haste breakpoint.
'Silver lining' seems like an understatement, going for 13737 is simply better in every way

I think 2xT15 lost a lot of value from the Nightfall change, since we have a few more shards to spend. Also our secondary stats give pretty amazing benefits, so I guess it's not surprising you should drop it.