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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMcNinja View Post
    A game should be forgiving for making a mistake. Getting one shot due to server lag, or other factors is just meh. I would be ok if every of those frontal cone/melee AoEs did 90k damage, but to completely one shot everyone that either tries to pass the mob or makes a small mistake? That is just stupid.
    800k long range frontal AoE does seem a little over the top for a mob that comes in packs, outdoors. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do other than die and pay 12g in repairs.

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    the pvp item is quite fun. was like a group of 20 at the normal ordos mobs. someone goes "dragon that drops mount is up!" and everyone rushes and they get ganked xD
    havent tried the item myself yet.

    overall.. the island gets old pretty fast. for me there is no incentive to farm rep or coins. maybe on alts but its just boring :-P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronik85 View Post
    In fairness it's not really hard to get yourself flagged on a PvE server, all you need is a miss click or /startattack macro and your gonna find yourself flagged. Not worthy of QQ like, but just because your on a PvE server it doesn't make you immune to this sort of shit when everyone on the island appears to be flagged.......prolly for the same reasons I find myself getting accidentally flagged.
    Just be very careful with your click and don't EVER use any AoE ability!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotFunny008 View Post
    Just be very careful with your click and don't EVER use any AoE ability!
    Your AOE will not flag you for PVP unless you target another player. Surprised no one knows that yet (a blue posted about that not too long ago).
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahugani View Post
    PS: If you detect ANY irony or sarcasm in this post AT ALL, please report it to [email protected]

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    nice to see a positive post OP, shame about most of the negative people in it. I am also enjoying the timeless Isle, its actually brought me back into the game

    I would like to see more zones like this in future expansions too, there is way more freedom to do what you want and still progress. Its fantastic

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    I really like it, especially because every alt is now at least in the 490 gear level range. The isle feels very alive at the moment and it actually resembles an MMO now. I don't have any issues with the Censer and world PvP. I'm on a PvE server and haven't had any issues yet, thankfully AoE doesn't flag you (unavoidable with the legendary cloak and ground placed AoE. There are some things that could be improved though:

    Tone down on the one-shot mechanics a bit, or at least give them a cooldown or increased cast time. It just gets ridiculous when people race to get to a rare and end up dragging another elite or two into the fight. As melee some enemies are down-right ridiculous like Molten Guardians and Chanters. The Guardians to a medium range AoE now and then, if you aren't moving when they start casting, you'll get hit. The Chanters summon those damn Golems that need to be avoided, while meteors are falling down and the Chanter itself stops to cast spells now and then. The charges some elites do hit way too hard and can't even be outranged.

    Make all chests weekly. The Blazing one could only give a guaranteed Burden once if it otherwise causes gearing to go too fast. I personally wouldn't mind a guaranteed 535 item on each character every week, especially with how terrible some items end up (535 item with only hit or expertise as a secondary -.- ). I'd also like more chests to spawn in hard to reach places, as long as they aren't on top of the two large mountains next to the faction camps. Needing to rely on those birds with their low spawn rate, slow flying speed and the option of getting shot down by random players, is terrible.

    Increase health on rares, and make it scale with the amount of people hitting them (like Isle of Thunder rares). I can't even get to a rare in time if it's on the other side of the Celestial court. The only rare that you can get to in time (on my realm at least), are Evermaw and the Dreadship. If there aren't any groups farming rep in the semi-circle of the Ordos base, you can get to those rares in time as well, as long as you can stealth past the elites.

    Remove tagging on the elite mobs and give rep/loot to everyone hitting them, just like rares. There's far too much competition for mobs, even on my medium pop realm. Untaggable mobs would also help in situations where you end up getting in combat with someone else's mob somehow.

    Remove faction tagging on the Celestials and make all their abilities avoidable. It would be nice if you could just jump in on a fight halfway in and actually survive it. I'd even go as far as making them more like rares, meaning they can be soloed if needed, as long as you follow mechanics. The current implementation is just very poorly done, where it's better to wait until the boss is very low to join, rather than actually contribute. When it's crowded, Yu'lon is also a death trap for melee. I don't even want to know how many times I died on my warrior because multiple pools spawned under me, each ticking for 100k per second. If they could be soloed, you wouldn't have to spend so long trying to down them if you weren't in time the first few days after reset. They also seem very buggy about handing out loot. On multiple occasions I didn't receive anything when they died (no chest, no loot), but did get the option to spend a token.

    Re-do the Kukuran keys and chests and make Bonkers tradeable. Instead of getting some Coins back, make the chests drop gold, mats etc.

    Make the wayshrines character-bound like the Thunder King chests on the Isle of Thunder (but daily instead of weekly). I'd rather do a tour of the map to find my wayshrine, than camp one until it becomes active and hope nobody else is quicker.

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