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    25 man SoO community questions

    Hey guys, we have recently just formed a 25 man guild from what was an old Core 10 from ToT.

    Our progression in H ToT was 4/13 before patch, mainly couldn't get any new bosses down due to having to regear core spots such as a few dps, a main tank and a healer.

    However we have finally struggled through and have successfully formed a 25 man that has been raiding with around 20 core, 4-5 trials and something a Sub from the guild (usually carrying 2-3 dps)

    We managed to kill the following in 25 man SoO:

    1 shot Immerseus
    1 shot Protectors
    10 or so attempts on Noru (By far the hardest fight we've encountered in SoO so far, not sure if it is tuned higher for 25 man)
    3 shot Sha
    5 shot Galakras
    2 shot Iron Jugger
    Progressing on Dark Shaman

    6/14 Normal over 3 raid nights spanning around 3 hours each (2 and a half considering down times/not all core being on).

    So for 7 and a half hours of raiding do you guys think this is a decent progression for a very fresh 25 man guild. There does not seem to be many 25 mans at all anymore and this has been my first 25 man since BC Hardcore raiding. Note: We are 5/9 on our server for 25 mans.

    I personally found that even including Dark Shaman the hardest fight was Norushen just due to the add management/working out a strat (We only 4 healed it)

    Dark Shammy also seems relatively easy and we only got around 1 hours worth of attempts on it last night and will use a non-raid night (tonight) to push forward with a 10 man Core team. Does anyone have any advice for a 25 man pushing through the next few bosses, any bosses you think we will struggle on?
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