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    Raid gearing

    Hey im the raid leader of my guild and would like some opinions on how i should gear my raid with tier i have always gone into a new tier thinking tanks > heals > dps but in mist it dosnt seem 2 be this way with alot of fights in SoO having a short enrage etc. being we r going into this tier all 545+ ilevel should our tier go to our dps > tanks = heals would love some other peoples opinion on this.

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    It's dependant on how your raid is coping with fights. The very BASIC rule of thumb is

    Are your tanks dieing due to lack of gear? Gear them.

    Are people dieing due to lack of heals? Gear the healers.

    -> Send to dps.

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    As a general rule it's DPS > Tanks > Healers, but use your own discretion based on what troubles you are having. If you're hitting enrage, gear your DPS. If your tanks are being one-shot or close on melee? Gear tanks. If your healers are having issues keeping people up, gear your healers (or figure out why they are struggling, it might not be gear).
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    thanx helps alot

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    Unless you are a top 25, need v greed.

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    Generally speaking you'll get the furtest gearing your dps first (outside of borderline OP set bonuses ofc.) more dps = shorter fight = less time for a tank to get gibbed, a healer to oom, or someone to fuck up. + of course if stuff dies faster it dies faster.

    After that comes tanks as they also do more dmg and will be better off holding their own.

    So you wanna gear healers last since quicker fights and proper play is what makes it easier for them to heal.

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