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    Lore Forum Guidelines - Welcome!

    Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Warcraft Lore subforum! This forum is dedicated specifically to discussions about Warcraft lore and history. If you would like to discuss anything other than lore, please do so in the appropriate forum. Let's lay down a few simple ground rules to make sure the conversations stay constructive:

    Keep the Discussion to Warcraft Lore
    Threads should be focused on or based on established Warcraft series lore. Comparisons to works outside the series are bound to come up, but please be sure not to steer the conversation away from Warcraft lore.

    Gameplay Discussion
    Discussions about gameplay, patch cycles, class imbalances, et cetera belong elsewhere. Anything that is not lore-related dealing with World of Warcraft belongs in one of the subforums found here; any non-lore conversation about the first three Warcraft games should go in the Video Games Discussion forum.

    Hypothetical and Speculative Lore
    Wondering what would happen if Garrosh escaped is a legitimate question with a lot of possible discussion to be had. Proclaiming that "Garrosh sucks I hate him I hope he dies" is not conducive to a constructive conversation. "Possible" lore scenarios can produce some interesting ideas as long as everyone does their part to keep the speculation constructive and reasonable. Off-the-wall or nonsensical topics will likely be closed.

    Not Everyone is a Lore Expert
    Everybody is going to have different levels of knowledge and understanding of lore. Keep this in mind and try to be civil and respectful when confronted with a situation where disagreements arise. Try to explain your point-of-view and keep an open mind on the chance that you are mistaken. Nothing kills an engrossing conversation faster than unnecessary rudeness and petty arguments. If you must debate someone one-on-one, and it's disturbing the flow of the thread, please take it to private messages.

    Complaint/Hate Threads
    Don't just make a thread to proclaim your hatred for a particular topic; this isn't your personal blog. If you really dislike a character, for example, don't just make a thread saying "I hate that guy in Mulgore that cries about his lost dog;" add some substance, such as why you hate him and what could be done to make him better. Forums are about discussion, so make sure your threads encourage it.

    Keep your pictures small
    Keep your embedded pictures of a reasonable size and resolution. Large pictures slow down load times and stretch pages unnecessarily. Use smaller pictures or thumbnails that link to the full-size picture. Imgur is very easy to do this with. If the full-size picture is named screenshot1.jpg, you can embed a small square thumbnail by adding "s" to the end of the filename (screenshot1s.jpg), or you can embed a large thumbnail by adding "l" (lowercase L) to the end of the filename (screenshot1l.jpg). Some people have data limits on their internet. Some people have slow computers. Some people have smaller monitors. This rule is in place in consideration for these users.

    How to embed a thumbnail that links to a full-size picture (for Imgur):
    1. Embed your thumbnail image (screenshot1l.jpg)
    2. Highlight the entire IMG code ([IMG]screenshot1l.jpg[/IMG])
    3. Click the hyperlink button above the reply box (Looks like an Earth with a chain below it)
    4. Paste the link to the full-size picture in the box that pops up. (screenshot1.jpg)
    5. You're done!

    The final code should look like this:

    Please do not post spoilers in thread titles. If you are making a thread dealing with a newly released patch, novel, or movie, please add [SPOILERS] to your thread title. If you are posting spoilers in a thread, the BB code to use looks like this: [spoiler][/spoiler]

    The resulting text will be hidden under a black bar that will reveal the text beneath by simply clicking on the black part: Snape kills Dumbledore!

    General Forum Guidelines
    All MMO-Champion General Forum Guidelines still apply to the Lore subforum. You can read them and familiarize yourself with them here.
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