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In response to the guy who apparently has a friend that's exactly like me. I'm not the best but I'm nowhere near the worst player around. It's quite annoying that I'm sat in full resto pvp gear and I'm forced to play boomkin (because grinding 2 full Tyr sets was pretty much impossible mathematically) which is a huge disadvantage. The few kills I have are from literally sitting in stealth and walking around the coast finding players that are far away from others.

I've targetted a couple of PvE geared players which was a massive mistake, 72% base resi is absolutely insane especially when these PvE geared players end up having 550k+ HP, legendary meta, legendary cloak and heroic trinkets. Seriously, PvE gear dominates the Timeless Isle.
Stop crying please. I'm full tyr monk and i got ~1200 coins farming with 2 dps friends. PvE geared players are a joke to kill.