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    Hybrib self heals..

    Anyone, please anyone tell me how this is fair gameplay?

    moonkins doing insane healing and if they also go bearform its GG..

    1 was at 5% and he instantly went to 100%
    double rejuv when playing with a destro lock.
    big heals etc.

    when the druid is about to die, me and my healer just get feared and cycloned ( yes i interupt but it has a cd )
    and he blinks behind a pillar while out of cc we are slowed and cant get to him till hes 100% health etc etc..


    i played at 2400 last season so i know what im doing
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    It's a part of their utility kit that makes them at least semi-competitive compared to locks and mages. It was already strong in previous season. If owl&lock knew what they were doing games often took way longer then playing against any healer/dd (i've played WW+Disc). Constant resets, lots of cc and offhealing and sick burst potential bit it was managable in 4 games of 5. Next month till i accamulate enough gear it'll be ending in a stalemate most likely becouse of base resiliance & double trinket buffs. Annoying - yes, but strip boomkins of their offhealing and it'll be a dead spec.

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