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    Find a Free Company Thread!

    This thread are for those looking to find a Free Company and for those recruiting as well. If you wish to update your Free Company information, just edit your original post.

    The required template for posting your Free Company for recruitment is as follows:

    Free Company Name: MMO-Champion <<MMOC>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Curse
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: GMT+9001
    Free Company Description: This is just meant as an example to show you how to use the template so it becomes easier to browse the thread.
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    Hm, might as well huh?

    Free Company Name: Draconis (Draco)
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Behemoth
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: US-Pacific
    Free Company Description: Draconis is a Rank 5 relic equipped FC recruiting for our core 8 and 24-man groups. We value dedicated and players interested in the long-term. We are currently seeking a WHM and WAR, but all applicants are welcome. Send a /tell to Simon Belmont or Kained Draco for more information.
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    Free Company Name: Paradigm (PRDGM)
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Midgardsormr
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: US-Pacific
    Free Company Description: Paradigm is a cutting edge endgame focused free company with an emphasis on player skill and sociability. Our leadership has had extensive raiding experience in WoW ranging from Top 10 US to Top 100 World. Our members are varied and come from different games but were among some of the best in their respective games.

    We are currently server first in the endgame scene and are looking for experienced raiders to add to our roster to continue our push into Binding Coil of Bahamut. We have multiple 8 man groups which will solidify into one 24 man raid when the time comes. Currently our progress is Turn 1, Turn 2 & Turn 3 cleared. We are very strict and organized but very welcoming. If you're looking for a structured & focused raiding FC, give us a look. We'd like to hear from you!
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    Free Company Name: Sword Art Beaters <<SABER>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Leviathan
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: (work in progress)
    Time Zone: GMT-5 (US- Eastern)
    Free Company Description: Sword Art Beaters is a new free company made for Final Fantasy XIV, right now we are relatively small (less than 15 members), the "core" of the free company is people that I went to school with or have been gaming with for years, and we have each been inviting our friends. We are currently working on leveling our jobs/ crafting, but are looking into expanding into raiding hopefully by the end of the month. We are currently too small to run Coils of Bahamut but would love to get some more people and get in there.

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    If anyone from the Ultros realm is looking for a dedicated raider with over 15 years of MMO experience playing different roles then feel free to contact me in game

    Name: Aria Dawnstorm
    Role: DPS > Tank > Healer
    Times looking for: Weeknights and Weekends 8pm-?? (EST)

    Looking for a mature, but laid back FC that can have fun, but still have a focus on progression

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    Free Company Name: Modified <MOD>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Gilgamesh
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: EST
    Free Company Description: Modified is a tight-knit group of gamers who share a passion for gaming. We enjoy raiding end-game content and remain active in crafting. Applicants are expected to share our same enthusiasm while wiping to new encounters for hours and general interest for the game.
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    Free Company Name: Moogle Charm
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): JP-Anima
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: non yet
    Time Zone: Oceanic Time Zone , GMT+8
    Free Company Description: Moogle Charm is a new Free Company, just for new adventurers and heroics alike, to play FF14 and learn together, we are a small group of friends just starting out. We are mainly from Singapore, but also have US , Australia, Malaysia members. ^_^

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    Free Company Name: Promotes Synergy <<PS>>
    Server Name (US): US-Gilgamesh
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: None yet
    Time Zone: No idea. lol. Current members are in CST.
    Free Company Description: Group of friends that have been gaming together since 2008. We like people who know what they're doing and can contribute. People who ask for help 24/7 need not apply. With that being said, that doesn't mean we aren't generous, just not looking to carry people all day, err day. :P

    PST Wulfgar Aegisfang (GM) or Andurh Sunshield (Off) for an invite.

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    I need a good EU free company, come on guys :P :P

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    Free Company Name: Resonate <Res>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Behemoth
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: EST
    Free Company Description: A hardcore-minded group of people on a not-so-hardcore timeframe. We enjoy difficult endgame content and clearing within a timely manner. If you enjoy all facets of difficult endgame PVE but are looking for a slightly more relaxed schedule, we provide what you're looking for.

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    lf free company on marlbora na lvl 50 blm rigger schizzaster

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    Free Company Name: Lust <<Lust>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Goblin
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: Website is in the works, will be updated soon enough.
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
    Free Company Description: <<Lust>> is looking for members who are wanting to raid in FFXIV. The Leadership is made up of friends from outside the game who have played many other MMO's. Those MMO's include: FFXI, WoW, Rift, Tera, Aion, SWoTR, and almost any other that you can think of. The leadership is looking for members who are willing to work hard and work through the content, wanting to progress though endgame raiding at a good pace. We are recruiting players of every level though, and will work with you. We can teach you how to play a class and can help you learn, we cant teach you how to not stand in things though.

    If you are interested in joining or getting more information get with:
    Healer Agnarak (Officer)
    Mlk Jr (Officer)
    Sir Robocroakie (Officer)
    Phaenteros Gunn (GM)

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    FC: Aggressive <Pain>
    Server: US-Ultros

    Time Zone: EST

    Who We Are:
    Aggressive is a FC started by 3 friends with 10+ years raiding experience from multiple MMOs. We are dedicated to raiding with the goal of having fun and enjoying the game. We’re not pretentious assholes, we’re cool people hoping to fill our roster with like-minded, mature individuals.

    Our Goals:
    Were interested in putting together 1 or more solid raid groups with dedicated people who are interested fat loots, profit and fun! We’re also interested in starting up PVP groups once available.

    Are You Aggressive Enough?
    We’re looking for a few competent, responsible and most of all dedicated raiders who are 18+ for end game raiding. No elitists, epeen strokers or ragers. Our goal is to have fun and accomplish goals not flaunt DPS and stat points. If you fit that mold then you are definitely Aggressive enough!
    Check out our guild site, sign up to be a member or message an officer in-game for an invite!

    Bruegor Balz (GM)
    Hexin Prime (Officer)
    Dayzor Pain (Officer)

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    Free Company Name: Lost Chapter (LC)
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): EU-Pheonix
    Primary Language: Finnish
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: GTM +2
    Free Company Description: Lost Chapter is a Rank 5 Finnish freecompany. We are currently seeking laidback finnish members to fill our ranks for leveling, dungeons, and possible endgame progression. With over +80 members we offer friendly atmosphere filled with widerange of players from wow hc raiders into casuals and mmo veterans as well as strict age limit of +18 to keep our guild civilized. You can contact us by filling out an recruiment application on our website, or send a /tell to Gareth Farwynd or Melawen Farwynd for more information.

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    Free Company Name: Dark Hour <<DrkHr>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Behemoth
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: Kind of all over the place.
    Free Company Description: We are a friendly and social Free Company. Our goal is to provide a home for members of any playstyle. Hardcore? We've got a place for you. Casual? Come on in! Whether you're an MMO veteran, new to Final Fantasy, or new to MMO's in general, we will provide a friendly, community atmosphere and do our best to help you enjoy everything Eorzea has to offer!

    PM Chrono Breaker, Pheno Magicat, Lilly Magicat, or Jack Mercer for more info, or apply to the site.

    We do have a Vent server that's usually pretty active, and visible on the guild site.

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    Free Company Name: Fall
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Zalera
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: EDT/EST
    Free Company Description: Currently a casual and social FC with emphasis on doing activities of all kinds together. There's a place for just about anybody here and we accept any player regardless of how new to the game or genre they are. Overall, it is a very helpful FC and just a nice, laid back group to chat with. There are plans to do end-game content in the near future, though there are no concrete rosters set yet, so there are plenty of opportunities to advance in the FC!

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    Free Company Name: Rotten Luck <<Lucky>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Midgardsormr
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: No website as of now.
    Time Zone: US-EST
    Free Company Description: New FC but the core members of the fc are not new, we've been running for a couple weeks now. We have a solid core of 4 members and are looking for more to do solid primal runs and into Coil soon! We don't plan to be a hardcore fc, more semi-hardcore. We are not operating on a strict "raiding schedule". All of us have work/other RL stuff to attend to throughout the day but we have planned to run stuff at 8 pm EST everyday when we can. If we get enough people to do coil, the "schedule" will most likely change but I don't expect to run it more than 2 hours a night, it will be very relaxed. No interview/application process, just send a tell in-game to either Vizard Lior, Taeyon Kim, or Razah Valeroyant. Link to recruitment post on official forums:
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    Free Company Name: Resurgence
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Diabolos
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: www . resurgencefc . com (Guess i can't post links yet :X)
    Time Zone: US-EST
    Free Company Description:

    Resurgence is a competitive free company currently recruiting for end-game progression. At the time of writing we are pushing into turn 4 of Bahamut's Coil and looking to pick up skilled raiders for our few vacancies. We currently have openings for Paladins and Bards.

    What we can offer:
    - We offer regular raiding time in end-game content (Bahamut's Coil presently). Successful applicants can expect to raid 3-4 times a week.
    - We only run 3 raid teams, so all our teams have members who already have Bahamut's Coil kills. We are not putting together 8 inexperienced people and hoping it works. You will be playing with people with proven capabilities regardless of where you end up among the three teams.
    - The free company has been restricted to a small group of competent, reliable guildmates. When you come together to do 24-man raiding or other guild activities, you can know you are going to be accompanied by the kinds of players who bring success.
    - The necessities of a smoothly functioning FC, including a well-maintained website, ventrilo server, and regular communication from the leadership.

    What we expect:
    - We expect you to make yourself available to raid regularly with your assigned team. Raid times may vary between teams and will be discussed during the recruitment process.
    - We expect that you be the kind of excellent player that will fit in with our raiders. Membership in the guild is performance based, and as such you will be expected to perform your class role in an exceptional and consistent fashion.
    - Resurgence enjoys a healthy, helpful guild atmosphere in large part because of our high standards. We ask that you generally maintain a positive attitude and deal with problems in a constructive fashion.
    - We expect that you be well-geared so you can jump right into raiding with our teams. Our current requirements are full Darklight gear and the relic quest up to at least Titan HM.

    If you have any questions , feel free to send me a private message on the forums, or a tell ingame.
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    Ultros Server -- Awaken Company seeks Members
    Awaken is Recruiting
    Awaken is currently recruiting all classes with high priority on Scholar.

    Current Progression:
    At the time of this posting, we've cleared BC up to turn 4, and are soon to clear it. Many of our members have experienced backgrounds as past members of Team Ice and Blood Legion.

    We're an FC looking to form 3 raid groups for the purpose of merging together once 24 man content comes out. We're looking for players to flesh out a third raiding group and to bolster the ranks of our other two groups. Our raid times are currently Monday through Thursday from 8pm to 12am Central time.

    Interested persons should contact, Spotty Blackwhisper, Alaria Rain, or Morfien Overdose in game with any questions.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Website --

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    Free Company Name: Night Cheese <GUD4U>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Sargatanas
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: um... yeah lazy will update this someday.
    Time Zone: EST in general
    Free Company Description: We just ran through the last handful of storyline dungeons and are all about to start working on our Relic weapons. We currently have plenty of tanks, but really all decent human beings are welcome (yes that is my poor attempt at humor). We would like to get more players to give us some flexibility in what nights we run dungeons together, because currently we have ~12 people interested in endgame content. Many of us are Legacy members but don't let that discourage you from being interested. If you are wondering about the FC name, I have NO idea where it comes from... I think it came up in random conversation and stuck.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh also some of us have played WoW and a good chunk have played FFXI heavily in the past... if that makes any bit of difference.

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