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    Free Company Name: Ultima <<UtM>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): EU-Odin
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: <can't post links yet, regardless it's in ultimaodin at enjin>
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Free Company Description: <copypaste>
    Not only have we achieved one of the first Titan Kills on our Server, but also the Server-first "Binding-Coils of Bahamut" Turn 2 and Turn 4 Kills and we plan to be first to do Turn 5.
    Currently we are running 3 different Coil Groups successfully. Needless to say, we are looking for ambitious (as well as geared) Players to advance further and establish ourselves as one of the, if not THE leading Company on Odin.
    As myself in raidgroup2, I say we are nice bunch of people and our group will overtake raidgroup1 :P
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    Who: Logan Tethros
    Server: EU/LEGACY-Ragnarok
    Primary Language: Italian & English.
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Class: Summoner (Can definitely play Scholar or whatever else if needed. I'd rather play SMN, though.)
    Looking for: Free Company focused on progress. Nothing too extreme or hardcore, as long as the people in it are interested in progressing, it's fine for me. I can't talk about competency and experience as I have none in FF14 right now, because I just dinged 50 and all I've left is PUGging which I'm a little iffy about, but I learn quick and blabla other flattering stuff that I would obviously say to make myself look more interesting to recruit. OH YEAH I HAVE SOME PREVIOUS WOW RAIDING EXPERIENCE I GUESS.

    In short, if you're looking for a summoner/scholar to carry until he gets a grip, I'm your man. You can send me a tell online for more info and stuff.

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    Free Company Name: Dark Ultimates <<Dark>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): NA Lamia
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: Dark Ultimates please message me for the website link cause it wont let me post it.....
    Time Zone: Central US/ Eastern US
    Free Company Description:
    About our guild:

    Dark Ultimates, a concept brought to fruition much sooner than expected! Beginning with the idea, "Never Stand Alone!" We seized that concept and rooted it firmly with our mission statement to follow along side that. "Take multi-player back!" That is right, we are taking it back.

    Our community, was founded on friendship and evolved into a brotherhood of players seeking something more than your average guild. We have accumulated some of the top talent in today's games and value quality over quantity. Our player base varies from men and women, mild to wild, casual to hardcore, PVE/PVP alike. Our current focus is to make the most out of FinalFantasy XIV: A Realm reborn in every way, with future endeavors to follow.

    Overall, we have a fairly diverse level of experience. Most of us have a long history of being among the top players in each game we have played, but we do not tolerate the "Elitist" mindset that comes with that stereotype. We show respect to everyone, in our guild or not. We do not trash talk, troll forums or disrupt communities. One of us represents all of us.

    As an adult community, you must be 18 years of age or older to join. All of our players are professionals with real life jobs, families and households to maintain, so drama is something you will not find here, 100% drama free.

    Currently, Dark Ultimates is recruiting top talent for our Free Company! We are actively seeking heroes to join who demonstrate a love for the game. A passion for group activities and desire to be on Mumble when in-game. The following should apply to you...

    What we are looking for:

    Dedication - We are "Alt friendly", but are looking for dedicated players who invest time into advancing towards end-game content. Exceptions can be made, on a case by case basis, the quality of your application and interview will play a very large role in the final decision should an exception need to be made.

    Respect - You must treat your guild mates with respect and that respect will extend to non-members too. We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior towards anyone. Our members are Male/Female, and free to be who they are. Harassment is something we take seriously and have a zero tolerance policy.

    Interest - You must have a keen interest in PVE activities. We do love all things about this game. We are very effective at farming group content and it is one of our strongest points. We ask that PVE come first and PVP come after everything else has been accomplished.

    Teamwork - You must be a team player. We expect you to have a high level of situation awareness, desire to improve your game and a willingness to place the group's needs above your own. We want people who can see the bigger picture and are happy to contribute to the success of all involved. With this comes a need for players who can learn from and overcome adversity. It's very common to find members donating items to one another or trading them.

    Communication - You must be active on our Mumble Server. It is the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of the community, find events and join in the latest discussions. Voice chat is mandatory for all new members who join. "In-game in Mumble... NO exceptions". To further facilitate teamwork we have Forums for excellent communication, scheduled events and hilarious fun.

    Groups - You must be group friendly. New to the game? Don't like spending more time looking for group than playing? Part of our founding belief is that we want to, "Take multi-player back" to multi-player games, that's right we're taking it back, full-throttle . Every night we form groups to tackle content together, these groups are formed primarily in Mumble, another great reason to be on Mumble when in-game.

    Variety - You must be diverse and respectful. All gamers are welcome, we range from the mild to wild, casual and hardcore gamers, PVE/PVP alike. While we have many cultures within the guild our members are free to find their own niche. We're an all adult guild, membership is not granted to minors, so all the people will be professionals who are 18+. We are female friendly, ladies we can assure you that if you join the community that you will not be haggled by men looking for dates and other unsavory ideas.

    What we offer you:

    Active - We are active everyday! Our members login and love to play the game. Our prime time hours are from 18:00-21:00 GMT -7, a conversion on our application will confirm if you play during these times. Many members, play extended hours beyond that time frame, but you can be assured that 3 hour window is very active. You should be active consistently during the times we are to be considered for the Free Company.

    Forums - You can find our official forums. We share ideas, strategies, personal interests and some general rhetoric. Our forums are young and growing, you have a chance to make them great with us. We keep them ad free for our members and Enjin's mobile app works well for "On-the-go" access.

    Application - We screen our members and can be selective. We know our community values quality over quantity. It is not about sheer numbers here it's about the solid foundation we build, many huge guilds crumble around us, we will remain strong and eternal.

    Achievements - We recognize various accomplishments be it in-game, on the forums or in social media. As a part of the Dark Ultimates initiative you get to reward yourself and our community. With your efforts you truly pay it forward. By encouraging positive growth of our guild, of this game and of yourself and we reward that!

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    Free Company: Alpha Male <Alpha>
    Server: NA-Excalibur
    Primary Language: English
    Time Zone: GMT+2 (7 hours ahead of EST)


    A group of passionate gamers that are aiming to clear all of the high end content while having a chilled and fun atmosphere, we are working on building up our small community and expanding our ranks, currently we are rolling with two raiding groups, the first is progressing on coil of bahamut turn 5 while the newly made second group are on turn 2.

    The third and fourth groups are almost ready and good to go except for a few missing spots, any jobs are welcomed.

    We are looking for mature, eager to learn and (very) active players that we can rely on to be part of our community, you have to be respectful and willing to help others, raid loggers and bad mannered players will not be tolerated at all.

    Are we what your looking for? then don't hesitate to throw in an application at our website, looking forward to hear from you

    For more information feel free to leave me a PM or contact any of our officers in game:

    Boon Taru(our fearless leader)
    Viga Viga
    Zantos Zanis
    Dubble Toke
    Mac Fishy

    Have a good one.
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    Free Company Name: Elite Vigilance
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Leviathan
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: US-Eastern/Central
    Free Company Description: Hardcore progression based guild with 2 groups currently working on turn 5. Seeking more active players for our 3rd group. Raid times vary by group but both start 8-9pm est and go until around 12. For more information please see our website.

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    Free Company Name: Azerguard <HTFUS>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Brynhildr
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: azerguardfc (dot) com
    Time Zone: US-Eastern/Central
    Free Company Description: We are a casual raiding group, looking for more like minded members who would like to either progress casually in raids, hangout, or craft. We have no raid attendance requirements, and looking for all classes. Our teamspeak conversations are not for the feint of heart, conservatives, or sheltered people. Must have thick skin or be able to troll back in good fun. We are a supportive and loyal group, we will assist and help out in any way possible be Titan runs, or massive amounts of material farming. Check us out!

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    <ZG> Zodiac Guards are Recruiting EU Odin

    Free Company Name: <ZG> Zodiac Guards
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): EU-Odin
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Free Company Description: <<Zodiac Guards>> Semi-Hardcore FC Recruiting for Binding Coil of Bahamut progression and beyond.WHM/SCH/MNK/DRG/BRD/SMN/PLD required.Whisper Saint Ray for more information or alternatively go to
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    We are a brand-new Free Company on Balmung, looking to start out strong. Our core members are already at the end on Turn 5 of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, and are ready to tackle anything else Square-Enix throws at us!

    We're looking for people that are ages 20+ and reliable, in order to create a mature environment committed to getting things done. Sound a little hardcore? We're not, but we expect you to be able to do basic things like the primal battles (yes, even Titan). So therefore play as much or as little as you want weekly, but don't expect us to drag you through the game's content. With that in mind, we also expect you to have at least one level 50 character in order to contribute.

    If this sounds like what you're looking for, then feel free to visit and click the application button at the top of the page! A referral from someone in our Company that's grouped with you goes a long way, as well. Even if you don't apply or are denied for one reason or another, thanks for your interest and see you around in-game!

    P.S. For Coil, we are using static groups. We already have one evening (EST) group, and are looking to form another along with a late night group.

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    Free Company Name: Flux <Flux>
    Server Name (US-EU): Exodus
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: Primairly Pacific
    Free Company Description: [Flux] is a "casual hardcore" FC on the Exodus server that is focused on endgame progression. We are currently running 3 coil groups inside the FC, and plan on running up to 6. Currently group 1 is working on, and almost finished with turn 4 while groups 2 and 3 are on turn 2. We love to joke around and enjoy the company of our members while still maintaining good progression, so if you're interested and want an FC to ENJOY endgame content with, make sure to send Rexmerrell Vann, Yao Ming, Ravi Red, Aeu De'dreign, Abbr Libaw, Darkecho Xyz, or me (Octal Gore) a tell and we can provide you with more information.

    Current Recruitment Needs:

    -1 BRD/BLM/SMN for MWF 10AM PST Coil group

    -1 PLD/WAR, 1 Melee DPS, and 2 WHM/SCH for evening raid around 6PM PST days TBD

    Team Speak 3 is required

    All exceptional applicants may still apply. We look forward to speaking with you

    Props to Rockhorn for the awesome sig!

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    Papichulo Figaro.

    I am currently on the Coeurl server. iLv80 geared Paladin looking for a flexible Free Company whom is looking forward into raiding Crystal Tower and beyond. I currently have not had the opportunity to go through Binding Coil of Bahamut as of yet, as the 3 or 4 groups in the FC I am in, do not have an opening for another tank. I am looking for a FC that will plan on raiding 2-4 days a week, between the hours of 8pm - 10-11pm (EST)

    My personality and play-style will bring to any Free Company:
    ►A dedicated and motivated shield tank with the thought process towards pushing progression.
    ►Near 100% attendance given the proper raiding schedule that fits my rotating work schedule - I am flexible as well.
    ►A strong, knowledgeable background of the Paladin class, as a tank, maximizing my survivability as well as those around me.
    ►A mature attitude in dealing with and taking constructive criticism, I don't bring drama, nor would I like to tolerate it.
    ►My knowledge is up to date on current progression.

    What I am expecting within a guild:
    ►Progression minded guild and its leadership
    ►active guild website/forums/community/roster
    ►Leadership not afraid to remove repetitive, bad people from the raid/guild.
    ►Push for progression, even if takes 600 attempts on an un-killable boss.
    ►Competitive raiding/roster. I work for my place.
    I WANT to raid with like-minded individuals who possess this same mentality and drive that I do in raiding, even on a competitive level.

    If interested, anyone can contact me through a message here, on MMO Champion.

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    eXile on Diabolos is recruiting

    Free Company Name: eXile
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Diabolos
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: www exilefc enjin com
    Time Zone: GMT-0500
    Free Company Description: eXile is a casual and ACTIVE raiding Free Company on the Diabolos server. The mission of eXile is to provide a casual raiding Free Company with a family type atmosphere while reaching and maintaining progressing through end game content. We raid to progress while having fun with one another. Our Free Company is based on cooperation, community, and the commitment to be a drama free.

    Our Recruitment and Raid Times

    eXile is currently recruiting for Primal HM/EX and Coil Turns and Crystal Palace! We currently have 2 raiding groups and are looking to start a 3rd. Our group that raids Saturday's at 8pm CST (GMT-6) and Sunday's at 7pm CST (GMT-6) is in need of 1 Healer.
    We also have a group that raids on Friday's at 8pm CST (GMT -6) and Sunday's at 7pm CST (GMT -6).

    [/B]If you're interested in running end game content with a positive, friendly, and casual Free Company please apply on our website at
    www exilefc enjin com

    If you're a smaller Free Company and interested in merging with a larger FC please contact us!

    eXile Where the unknown become notorious!
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    [Behemoth] <Jinxed> Looking for Members!

    Jinxed, a 21+ Free Company & Linkshell located on the Behemoth Server and is currently in search of new recruits!

    What we are looking for from all Applicants:
    • Friendly, Respectful, Hardworking Players who will mesh well with the current members of our guild. We are LGBTQ Friendly!
    • High Skill Level and Knowledge of your class.
    • Knowledge of Raid Encounters, either via experience or watching/reading videos and tutorials.
    • Ability to communicate via Mumble.
    • Stable, fast internet connection.
    • Ability to take direction and constructive criticism.
    • High Raid Attendance & Commitment to the raid group you are applying to progress with.
    • Drama-Free!

    Current Raid Groups & Class Needs:
    • Group A [Monday - Friday; 9pm-2am PDT] Seeking Ranged DPS & Melee DPS ::: Contact: Slixie Miyu or Toe Socks
    • Group B [Monday - Friday; 12am-3am PDT] Seeking Tank ::: Contact: Slixie Miyu or Toe Socks
    • Group C [Wedneday, Saturday, Sunday; 8am-11am PDT] Seeking 2 Ranged DPS & 2 Melee DPS ::: Contact: Lillith Frost

    If you are interested please visit our website at or contact any of the above listed in game about their respective raid groups and needs!
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    Free Company Name:
    Zodiac Braves (ZB)
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Gilgamesh
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: zodiacbravesfc.enjin(dot)com
    Time Zone: EST
    Free Company Description: The [Zodiac Braves] were founded by a group of people whose friendship reaches back to the good old days of FFXI. We have picked up some good people along the way, from RL to WoW, and we are looking for more! We are fun, helpful, experienced and we relish in the idea of overcoming obstacles and progressing as a FC. Yes, we are FFT fans too.

    Now that we have the Primals down, we are looking to get our second group off the ground for Coil. In the future we will be aiming for a third group for Crystal Tower. We do our raiding Monday through Thursday, 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST. We are looking specifically for TANKS, BRD, MNK, BLM Other classes may apply. Full on WHM.

    You may contact me in game at Vespera Cognomen for an interview or go to our website and fill out an application. Thanks!

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    <FRI> Friskyttarna are Recruiting EU Cerberus

    Free Company Name: Friskyttarna <<FRI>>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): EU - Cerberus
    Primary Language:Swedish
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Free Company Description: Friskyttrna is a Swedish MMO-community which is active in LotRO, SWTOR, GW2 and WoT and from recently; Final fantasy. Friskyttarna stands for a relaxed and balanced approach to gaming where the person behind the keyboard is more important than the digital character he reprenterar.
    We got our own Mumble server and and various special offers with Alina systems and CDON.
    We are now looking for more swedish members to fill our ranks for both casual play and a bit more serious play.

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    Control <Ctrl> Leviathan Server Looking for more!

    Free Company Name: Control <Ctrl>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Leviathan
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL: controlfc.enjin(dot)com/
    Time Zone: US-Central
    Free Company Description: We are a semi-hardcore FC that currently has 3 coil groups clearing 1-4 in one day. We are looking to fill a few empty positions as well as get a 4th group started so we are completely prepared for 2.1. High Demand Jobs: Tank and a Melee. If you are interested visit our website and fill out an application or you can usually catch me online after 6 EST in-game. Hope to hear from you all soon!

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    Free Company Name: Tempest GC <TGC>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Adamantoise
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:tempest-at-tr.guildlaunch(dot)com/
    Time Zone: US-Central
    Free Company Description: TGC is a mature semi-hardcore Free Company that is seeking members to fill our Coil raid group openings. Everyone is welcome to apply to TGC not just "Raid Ready" people. We use Teamspeak3 for our voice chat. Head over to our website, read our community etiquette to see what we are all about and drop an application in while you are visiting! you can also contact Azrael Reborn (FC Leader) or Draxxula Longfang (Recruitment Officer) on the server after 5pm CST if you have more questions.

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    Free Company Name: Aura <Aura>
    Server Name (NA/EU): Gilgamesh
    Primary Language: English, we also have quite a few french-speaking members from Canada
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: mostly EST
    Free Company Description: Aura is an ideal. I believe very strongly that excellence and community can coexist. It is thought by some that in an MMO you either have to be casual or hardcore, and that to walk that line is to flirt with disaster. We do not hold to that. We enjoy playing with friends that we know by name, rather than a guild that is merely a list of classes and levels. If you feel the same way then Aura may be the place for you.

    We have three major goals in Aura, they are as follows:

    - To form a close-knit community of friends who simply enjoy playing a great game together.
    - To experience all content, including but not limited to raiding, crafting, PVP, and even role-play.
    - To breed an atmosphere of cooperation, tolerance, and acceptance.

    At this time, we are looking for geared tank (at the very least full DL+Relic) for one of our 3 raid teams. All teams typically clear Coil turns 1 to 4 in about one hour, and we are currently working on Twintania.

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    well theres an abandoned burger king down the street from me.

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    Free Company Name: Scarmiglione <Fiend>

    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Goblin

    Primary Language: English (I dunno why people keep thinking we're French. Nobody played FF4?)

    Website URL: fiends. enjin. com

    Time Zone: A good mix of Eastern and Pacific players

    Free Company Description: Scarmiglione was founded by an ex WoW player who raided pretty hardcore for eight years. In my time experiencing the various playstyles of guilds, the one that really stood out to me was the guild that raided twice a week for three hours and downed everything more successfully than the hardcore go every single night guilds I had been in. We've adopted that philosophy, we're very laid back but we're all skilled and down content with a modicum of ease. Our guild motto is "Progression, not aggression.". Our advent has been a bit delayed, only forming and coming to power in the last month or so. But I assure you, given time <Fiend> will be one of the guilds everyone on the server knows and loves.

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    Free Company Name: Wrath <Wrath>
    Server Name (US-EU/JP): US-Sargatanas
    Primary Language: English
    Website URL:
    Time Zone: US-Pacific/US-Eastern
    Free Company Description: Wrath is a Rank 5 (who isnt) FC that is looking for quality members for Binding Coil and Crystal Tower as well as future content. We currently have 2 PST raids, 1 EST raid and a second EST raid being formed. We are always looking for quality and helpful members to join our ranks. Feel free to PM me here, visit our site or Ingame on Griffeth Whitehawk.

    Shaman - Warrior - Twitch - Twitter Sig by: Shyama

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