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    Final Fantasy XIV Forum Rules

    Welcome to the Final Fantasy XIV board.

    An outline of rules in addition to the general forum guidelines.

    This is board is for Final Fantasy XIV, if you wish to discuss other games use the appropriate forums.

    Game vs Game / Game Bashing
    Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, no need to come in and bash a game or cause a game vs game war. Game comparisons if any need to be constructive and civil. Coming in here to just bash on a game will net you an infraction.

    Advertising isn't allowed without approval. If you wish to post about one PM a moderator for approval.

    Trolling is trolling, and we don't like it. Keep in mind that some people do not possess the same hand/eye coordination as you, or have the time to pursue a certain genre to a professional level. Snobby elitism is generally frowned upon, and direct assaults because someone isn't "as good as you" will win you a vacation.

    Keep it Civil
    Topics can become rather heated but remember to stay civil towards each other. Flaming or bashing others will net you an infraction.

    Topic involving spoilers please mark it in the thread title with [Spoiler].
    Please use the spoiler BB code. [spoiler]text here[/spoiler]
    Text will appear blacked out and either highlight or click it to reveal the text.
    EX: Hello, this is a spoiler, click to receive it.
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