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    For the 2 healer one i start out with blinding one, FoKing poisons on to the adds in the middle and then burning down the other healer.

    As far as expose armor goes, all of the adds in there have the presence of Xuen debuff which gives them an armor reduction, so is there even a point to using expose armor?
    I use the same tactic, except I blind one with rupture up and dirty tricks. You're right about the armor debuff, but that still doesn't make deadly momentum a worthwhile glyph. I'd say sprint is probably the best choice (redirect and vendetta for the other two). I'm not even sure if the extra vendetta uptime is worth more than going without the glyph and nuking harder when the shield is down.

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    There is no need to blind one. Simply start with one fok on the adds and wait like 1 sek. This way both healers will waste their heals on the small adds and you can easly kill one, then just nuke/set up poinson on all the adds and kick/kill the second healer.

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    on 6th wave i start in stealth and pop 5 x FoK on the small adds, then sprint to healer + interrupt, then i burn that healer till he is dead. At that point there is one rabbit with high hp and rest is dead/almost dead, so just MfD rupture+poison on that one, one fok and off to second healer on which i stay till the end. If rabits are still high at ~20 s mark, i just run to them and fok once/twice to get poison up

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    Did anyone tried to do the tank spec as a rogue for the fos?

    One shotted the 30 th endless wave nothing special,my tips use deadly momentum glyph,redirect glyph and marked for death talant.
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    Does anyone know where one can find a BiS gear list for assassination spec for proving grounds? I have seen quite a lot of challenge mode threads, but usually they talk about Combat spec and in my eyes I can't see combat as the preferred spec in there.

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    Proving grounds for rogues!

    What would be the best way about going forging/gemming for this on endless? Went with my setup as is, having 2pc, even though it doesn't matter and basically forged crit/gemmed mastery. Going no where fast on endless with this setup. I would assume just HEAVY mastery? Gem/reforge all into mastery with hitting your hit/expertise cap? Seems like it would be the only way to really pull this off. Any tips would be appreciated!

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    You can use this thread :

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