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    [Prot] Eternal Flame OP


    This is a little ridiculous don't you think? Solo tanking Thok for 57 seconds (last healer dies at :14 and tank dies at 1:11).

    Taking bets on how long until it gets nerfed.

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    It only looks that op because he had enough veng beforehand and it was doing 100% healing due to no healers helping him. In a real setting its gonna overheal quite a bit even if you have healers almost completely ignore you. In terms of what he just did, yes EF is op, in a real raid setting its just really good

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    Yeah, exact same scenario for us. Solo'd the last 4% of Thok. Logs showed 230k dps and 165k hps (at 160k dps taken). 100k of that HPS was EF (12% overheal). that's a really rare situation though: extremely high vengeance and - more importantly - no outside heal. In a typical raid environment EF has an overheal percentage of 50 to 80 percent and ticks for a lot less due to much lower vengeance.

    On 13 of the 14 SoO bosses, EF did between 10k and 40k HPS for me AND 50-80% of that was overheal. So, effectively, EF provides mediocre sustain, at best. Maybe 10-20k effective HPS, which is less than Sacred Shield did.

    So no, i wouldn't be worried about a nerf. Blizzard knows these numbers, too. High vengeance scaling might be toned down a little in the long run, like they did with Shield Barrier for Warriors.


    P.S.: Malkorok is the exception of all 14 encounters in T16 because the absorb mechanic simulates exactly the no-healer environment EF needs to really shine. Did 80k hps at 9% overheal for me.
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    Calling for nerfs with a video taken out of context unfortunately does not lead to constructive discussion.

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