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    Lightbulb Holy Paladin Gem/Reforging for Endless Proving Grounds

    I need a bit of help in this department just because I have cycled through mastery, spirit, int, and haste but cannot tell which one is best and I only get to 10 @[email protected] And I -deff- want my title for antics sake.

    Also work on which glyphs and talents to take should be good as I assume with things scaled down to 463 that we would need more mana regen' so Glyph of Illumination would be best to have... but I prefer to have the topic discussed rather than me listing random frill :3

    So any experienced Hpaly's out there with Proven yet?

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    Hello, Healing Grounds Endless mode is currently bugged after they hotfixed it the other day to stop with servers crashing. You will have too many carry overs now from wave to wave, compared to before the hotfix. I know this probably wasn't the answer you were looking for, but I suggest not banging your head against a wall until after they fix it. For the subject of stats for pallys. I was able to get to wave 25 With the normal Mastery route, pre-bug. I used LoH glyph, Flash of Light glyph, and the other which I cannot be bothered to think of the name(It heals you whenever you throw a WoG on someone). Hope this helped.

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