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    Cardinal Rubies: Used to be +20, now +10???

    Bold, Delicate and Brilliant Cardinal rubies used to give +20 to strength, agility and intellect.

    They are still listed that way in wowhead, but in game they are now +10.

    When was this changed? Does anyone know anything about this? Thankyou

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    gems and enchants when used below the intended level now scale with level. The 320 stat gems show only 12 stats on my level 1 bank alt.

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    I think gems now scale down with your character's level

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    Allright thanks. They're +10 until i get into a battleground then they're back to +20.

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    If its the same for everyone then it makes no difference or at least scaling makes them work as intended.

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    What about the secondary stat wrath epic gems? I could have swore they were +20 before and now its double what the primary stats are like with mists gems...

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