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    So we had some 8 pulls on this boss before we ran out of time but it just seemed a bit of a cluster fuck and our best attempts got him to 40% I think. Any tips you guys can give on this boss? i.e. what weaps to kill, positioning, anything

    Also, did you have have some dpers help killing the add when he gets stunned and take extra damage? Besides the usual stood on shit wipes we seem to have had trouble with the add aoe damage going out too much. Here are our logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/x7hy2qrbk6idqsc0/
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    evrelia has a decent guide for this encounter. www.warcraftacademy.com, and the post is somewhere on the front page

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    the laser beam was the one thing we killed alot of to allow people room to stand etc. and we had 2 people going to the belt 1 per item mini phase thingy.
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    We only had tanks nuke the add. On the belt we prioritized mines and if they weren't there then shockwave. We found the magnet actually helpful lol. Laser is nice for damage on the adds for the tank.

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    We prio electro>turrets BUT if there were two lasers or two crawlers we'd take out one of those (lasers/crawlers were a bit overwhelming otherwise) BUT we ALWAYS nuked Electro no matter what. It was a clusterfuck for us also at the start. We tanked boss by the tube that melee jump and the add behind 40yards away to prevent heal obv. Tanks managed to kill this perfectly fine with well timed switches (for the dmg buff from boss). We assigned 2 healers to manage the boss tank and a healer on add tank if we ever got split. We hero'd at start. AoE just avoid big fat swirly and they tend to come everytime our dps jumped off the conveyor. Best of luck!

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    Make sure you tank the add 40 yards from boss and that you tank it (if you can while doing #1) in a shredder so it takes extra damage. I had no problems at all killing mine in time even if I couldn't tank in shredders. Just make sure you don't get hit when the mob falls down and stuns it self so you can full out nuke it down in those few seconds (if you're a paladin and it's below 20% my hammer crit for 2,5M).

    We wiped a few times on the fight before dps properly got the belt sorted. which was pretty much the only thing we wiped to.

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    We did Laser > Missile. The missile turret is a minor inconvenience at best and the adds died right after death from above. Having 1 healer running for 30 seconds is rough when 2 healing. Crawler mines died quickly and electromagnet is actually more helpful imo.

    Two players should be more than enough on the conveyor belt.

    I think the hardest part for our dps was jumping off the conveyor belt. It doesn't follow physics :P

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    We killed laser turrets, as the shit on the ground that they leave stays for a while and takes up a lot of room. Let electromagnet through as soon as possible to clear the platform from blades. If you have dpses with strong 1 minute cds (BM hunters say hello), they can solo an assembly line.

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    I was on one of the melee teams on the belt.. We prioritized Electromagnet > Mines.. However at about 50% boss health we let an Electromagnet go through to clear the saws, and then went back on mines.

    The sawblades are extremely easy to avoid and they damage the adds, so we let the room fill up a little bit. At about 50% boss health the room is getting full so we clear them out and then start back over. Worked nicely for us. I feel this fight depends heavily on your comp in your approach.

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    We 2-healed this boss to increase the dps on mines and tank-add.

    In the end we screwed a bit and 2 dps died but the boss is pretty much easy with some gear and with ppl take care of winds and lasers and mines and every goblin-trick on the ground/flying around the room.

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    Avoid the crap on the ground.

    Tank him facing the wall on the left... some ranged/healers can then face him with their back to the fence (on the right as you run in)

    Tank swap at 4 stacks.

    Tank who's not currently tanking can take 2x mines safely/in time with another DPS who has cooldowns taking 1x mine.

    Spread during phase 2.

    Rinse>repeat. I had to tank him in DPS gear and nearly got 1-shot on one of the attempts but it took us about 3 tries.

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    This video guide may be of some use to you!
    www.flaskup.com/siege-of-orgrimmar - Patch 5.4, Siege of Orgrimmar, Raiding guides.

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    We prioritized killing the missile turrets because we found dodging the missiles annoying with all the other shit on the ground. If there was no missiles I think the next one in priority was the laser (not sure about this one since I'm a tank and didn't really pay attention to the full prio ). The magnet was actually just helpful so I don't think we killed any of those and our boomkin and lock just wrecked the mines.

    As for the shredders, there shouldn't be any need for your dps to even hit those. With ~3 stacks of the debuff from boss and always parking them on the sawblades they just melted away with lots of time to spare before the next one spawned.

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    We preferred killing the missile turrets 100%, as you can control where the lasers and fire go for the most part (out of the center and near the edges). We tried both laser/missile but ended up staying with killing missile turrets. You could certainly do it either way, though. Most decently geared hunters should be able to solo an assembly line without much issue. Keep in mind that on the conveyor, you can jump to fight the belt pushing you away better, just running forward doesn't give you any ground but jumping does. You want to get as close as possible to it to start wailing on it as soon as it's attackable (whatever it is your group decides to remove from the fight). Our dps for the most part didn't bother to touch the shredders - it isn't worth it aside from maybe an instant or two after the sky-dive thing.
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    We found this very easy tbh, we 2 healed it, and had 2 people go on the belts. We only killed the missile turret each time. Mines are easy to deal with, stuns roots slows etc. Dodge the laser beam, and its np, 2 shot without any difficulties.

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    Kill 100% missile turrets and the 2 sets of magnetic crushes you will get towards the end of the encounter use raid CDs there after the crushes soon after there will be a shit load of crawler mines deal with those properly and you got yourself a kill. Also if you can find someone in your raid or 2 people who can solo the belts you get a lot more dmg on the boss/adds. As a hunter i was able to solo every belt saving rapid fire and potion for various ones.

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    We'll be attempting this guy on Monday and would like some feedback regarding which weapon you guys have prioritized killing each time. I'm a bit surprised at how many people have prioritized killing the turrets, especially over magnet and mines, as those seem to be the biggest DPS loss.

    Since we're 2 healing, I'm thinking laser>magnet should probably be highest priority, as you don't want healers running around kiting the beam for too long, and the magnet just seems very annoying to deal with. Also might not be a bad idea to let magnet through once in the middle and towards the end of the fight to clean up the room a bit.

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    One of the biggest keys to killing this fight is managing that stupid shredder add.

    The debuff the boss places on the tank makes it take 200% more damage per stack. They key to killing it quickly is to get at least 3 stacks. that's doable before the shredder spawns. Don't taunt off early so the tank only has 2 stacks. Needless to say, 200% per stack is massive.

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    Killed Mines only with one Electromagnet, takes too much DPS/focus from the boss to bother killing the laser over mines (It'll be over quicker and Defensive CDs are there for a reason). I'd have a polite word if your raid cannot kite the beam as losing one healer for 12 (?) seconds is too much to handle, there's hardly any raid damage going around as long as your tanks kills the adds in time anything under 3 stacks is relatively light damage. Make sure on the pull the first tank takes 3 stacks and swaps for the adds, make sure the tank uses DPS CDs for killing it (Its far more important than DPS cds on the boss if y) and for the love of god tank it in the blades.
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    We kill mines, and missile when there was no mines. 2 heal it with pally and disc, 1 person per belt our war and hunter can solo kill very easy. This is an easy sub 3min30sec kill once people get used to all this shit that's going on.

    Tank can use fire on the ground and blades to help kill add, if your still having trouble with Add have ranged switch to it once it lands for Dmg taken increase.

    The fight is gonna be overwhelming at the start but once you get in the grove you'll laugh at how easy and fun it is. My fav boss by far in SoO at least on normal
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