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    [A] Apathy Weekend Only Raiding Guild - 14/14N SoO

    Please Note: We are not a fake 2 day raiding guild like many are on here - "We raid 2 days only on the weekend even IN progress! - we are guild which has stood the test of time. Many bosses that have been classed as "guild killers" have stood before us, yet none of them have ever succeeded in bringing the guild to its knees."

    Guild Formed T13 Progress: 8/8H

    Dragon Soul 8/8H

    T14 Progress: 16/16H Cutting Edge

    Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6H

    Heart of Fear 6/6H

    Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4H

    T15 Progress: 13/13H Cutting Edge

    Throne of Thunder 13/13H

    T16 Progress: 14/14N

    SoO 14/14N

    Looking For 1 Range DPS Class for Heroics! - Shaman, Hunter, Warlock, Or Priest

    We are interested in improving a few positions within the core raiding team. We don’t want to raid more then 2 days ever. So it’s vital you are extremely good at what you do. We want to be the best time spend wise. Attendance/Individual performance along with a flavoured personality is what we are looking for and we will be able to meet you with an offer.

    About Us

    Apathy, a 10 man World of Warcraft Guild on the EU Auchindoun server.

    The guild was established over 2 years ago by Mavz, founder and Nezek, co-founder. The guild was founded on the basis of being a 2 day weekend raiding guild, and has never lost its ideology. This guild was created for great players who simply do not have time to raid end game content at world class competitive time requirements any more, we understand real life commitments and have provided a haven for people just like us, ex hardcore raiders of top quality guilds who still want to enjoy the game. Our overall mission with regards to where we wanted the guild to end up is still in the making, however our ultimate goal was to become the best weekend raiding guild around, which we have successfully achieved.

    Apathy is a stable guild with a strong leadership which renders the guild unfoldable. The officers and leadership in Apathy are an extremely tight-nit coalition of long term friends.

    Raiding with Apathy is a beacon of hope some have said in the past, our raids although not always perfect, are organised, on time, mature and systematic at times, yet we are raiding in a friendly and fun environment. Input is always welcome and we are always open to suggestions if it means making all our lives easier, but elitism, trolling, rude raiding etiquette, bad manners and poor attiude are non existant, for if a member sways to such behaviour then they will find themself rapidly out of a raid spot and even a guild.

    Apathy has a common goal which it shares with all it’s officers, members, trials and potential applicants, our goal is to clear current content at a competative rate whilst maintaining a stable, fun and positive no-drama raiding environment.

    We welcome applicants from across the globe, if you want to be apart of a great guild which has a strong stable leadership, and provides progress and benefits to the highest quality, please head over to our website.

    What we require:

    In order for us to make the most of a 2 day raiding guild, we will innevitably require extremely high quality players, you should know your class inside out and be able to play your character to its fullest potential, DPS, survivability, team work and innitiative all comes into the equation here.

    Connection / Attendance:

    You must have a stable internet connection and computer, if you have a history of frequent issues with any of these, fix these before you think about applying.

    100% Raid attendance (Server times)

    Saturday 16.00 to 20.00

    Sunday 10am to 14.00

    Please Note: In progress we hold the right to extend +1 hour should we feel a kill is near.


    You must have ventrilo and a working microphone.

    You need to be able to listen and talk on ventrilo, communication within the guild needs to be high, if you have a question or are unsure about something then you must voice your concerns.

    You need to be a decent person who has the maturity to handle the guild and its members, no screaming on ventrilo and no moaning when you don't get your own way.

    Please goto our forums tab on the website to make a guild application.

    Many Thanks Team Apathy.

    Website - www.Apathy-guild.eu

    Forums & Apps - www.apathy.freeforums.org

    WoW Progress - http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/auchindoun/Apathy

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    Recruiting any other classes or is that the only ones that you need?

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    Always looking for good players mate

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