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    Spoils of pandaria

    we killed spoils of pandaria this friday and had a few tries on thok, we ended giving up on thok and went to kill blackfuse today which we did, so we went to try thok again but when got to the big door it wouldnt open, until we killed spoils again, so we killed it again and got loot from it TWICE, not that it was a bad thing or anything getting loot from a boss you need gear from twice, but it just seems weird that you can bug an encounter like that. Am i the only one who tried this?

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    So you killed a boss and looted it twice in one week? Definitely a bug and by killing it you've exploited. You should've opened a ticket as soon as you realised the boss had respawned.

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    yeah, coz those GMs are so damn fast with their responds.

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    Same problem, we ticketed, response within 12 minutes....
    They are quick if they see you are in a raid.
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    Noting will happen, the same thing happened in FL, you could Kill Rag and he would respwan with the chest still infront of him.

    We killed him twice and he respawned the 3rd time but we wiped and he never came back. So if we didnt wipe we could of been able to kill rag 3 times. to this day nothing has happened. only reply we got was "we have tried to reproduce this bug but can't"

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    What my guild did with this exact problem was kill it again (cuz hey, progression on Thok was needed), and sent to the GM what pieces were looted to whom. We've had a ticket open the moment we noticed Spoils was up again. The people who got the 2nd set of loot are keeping their old pieces in case Blizzard takes them back. It's been about 4 days with no response and no one has been banned or has had the gear taken from them thus far.
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